Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Katrina's Exposure

Ok this is a huge rant that has been festering and today's radio discussion is just driving me over the edge. There are thousands of evacuees that are still living in hotel rooms, but FEMA is getting to the end of that programs so they're letting these people know that they need to start clearing out. Well, that's started this whole huge uproar about where am I going to go and what am I going to do? Ummmm GET A JOB.

Now, I know some people may be thinking that's easier said than done. Seriously, they are so desperate for workers around here, that you don't have to have any skills. You don't even need transportation. That's being provided.

They've been having interviews with people living in the hotels. It's enough to make you tear your hair out. These are young, healthy, able people who are complaining that they have nothing to do all day but either SLEEP or tell stories all day (or play with all their electronics and listen to the CDs that they bought with their FEMA and Red Cross money). It's been 3 months and that's all they've been able to find to do??? Can you imagine living in a hotel for 3 months for free? Beds made, linens washed, every day? Access to pools and work out rooms and room service??

There was this guy that called in this morning about the shuttle that's running FREE from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. They'll pick you up in the morning, take you to New Orleans to work and bring you back. This man said there are only 25 people on that bus every morning and they're ALL WOMEN. What is wrong with these men?? And what's wrong with these women for letting them get away with it. If my husband told me that he was going to sit around drinking all day and chumming around with his friends while I go to work, I'd have to kick his ass.

In my opinion they need to just cut all these people loose. Nothing else in going to spur them into action to actually take care of themselves.


KariA1 said...

I totally agree with you on this one!!

Jenny said...

I agree too - its terrible to have to go through a displacement like this and to lose all your belongings and such. However, you cannot expect to live off the taxpayers forever because of it!

Terri said...

Amen sister! DH wishes they'd send him to NO so he could use his military skills in getting a certain group of individual squared away. I'd post exactly what that means, but you'd have to delete it! LOL

Sandra said...

I agree too. This type of thing makes me furious. I hate to even turn on the news anymore because it's all they can talk about. I'm sorry for the people who lost everything but their are other people living in LA besides the ones from New Orleans. And this Hurricane did affect other states besides us.

Tonight on the WDSU News they were griping because a lady who owns a trailer park is kicking people out who haven't paid rent. They said they are staying until they are forced out. Well if that was my only income and people weren't paying I'd certainly be kicking them out too.

So I understand your frustration with this whole mess. It's ridiculous and it needs to be dealt with and soon. It's making us look really bad to the other parts of the U.S. for sure.

Butler said...

Yea good call.