Thursday, December 01, 2005


I've been watching Nip/Tuck and sometimes I wonder just what in the world are the writers thinking. Could Matt get ANYmore screwed up? I can see how his experiences could have driven him to where he is, but seriously a Neo-Nazi? In real life that kid would need some serious help. And why aren't his parents getting him any on the show? And what's up with Julia knowingly letting him have sex in their home? Isn't he still only like 16 or something? He's still in highschool but the botched lesbian threesome, Ava, the transexualtransgender phase, and let's not forget the hit and run incident, can sort of make him seem a lot older. I mean really, how many kids go through that much stuff before they're even out of high school.

Same thing with Christian, all these awful things keep happening to him. How much worse can it get for him? The whole Carver and the detective things, what happened with that? All we saw was her in the doctor's office and I think that's the last we ever saw of that. Of course, now he's back and he's got Kimber. I glanced at the message boards and looked over all the theories on that one. I'd have to say that it's possible that Christian could be the Carver, he could have found Kimber after the "wedding" and made her send that letter as an alibi. Do I think Christian is the Carver? No, he's too heterosexual and the rape thing, he would have never made up.

Whatever happened with Julia and Sean's daughter? I don't think she's even been in Season three. I really thought when she became "Princess Menses" that some type of sexual abuse would have come in to play there. I'm sorry, in a 9 year old girl, abuse would have been the first thing that came to mind, not that processed foods are making her develop too fast.

Anyway, it's one of those shows that I always watch, but it drives me crazy at he same time. These characters are so screwed up, you just can't help but watch and see how much farther they'll go.

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Jill in CA said...

My DH watches this show; it is such a trainwreck! I stitch while he watches it so I don't end up watching the gross surgery parts. He was complaining last night (we record everything and watch later w/o commercials) that they never wrap anything up on the show. I only saw part of it, but it was just as disturbing as always. I think Quentin is the carver; my DH thinks the carver is a woman. Maybe in a couple seasons they'll finally resolve it.