Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend Round Up

This will probably be long because I have a lot to get down

Friday....I went to my stitching group Friday night. (Sandra, my LNS is Cross Stitch Corner) There are these two women that started showing up recently. Well, let's back up. There was this lady that I used to hate with a passion, we'll call her B. However, I've gotten over that and she doesn't bother me so much now. I actually think she's pretty ok, unless she starts talking politics and then I just want to beat some sense into her, but then I feel bad for her for not knowing that you don't talk politics in mixed company especially when you have radical views. Anyway, this one woman started showing up and I didn't think I would dislike anyone more than B, but this one really takes the cake. She's loud, she talks over everyone, talks about stupid stuff, and repeats it continuously. She's always blabbing on about what a good Christian she is...not only a Christian, but a Baptist Christian....that drinks LOL (baptists aren't supposed to partake in alcohol). She also constantly babbles on about her political appointment. I really didn't know much about the position so I asked around and understood that it's no big deal and most people who are in that position don't brag about it. She's also a huge Bama fan that hates LSU fans (yes, she announces this to a room full of people in Baton Rouge, Louisiana), she went on and on about how much she hates LSU and how awful LSU fans are and how mean they are blah blah blah. Then her and this other woman (who I swear is her spiritual twin or something) started going on and on about how much they both hate LSU and they hope Bama tears them a new one and on and on it went forever. I was so ready to tell the both of them off. However, I'm a lady LOL and I don't do that. I will however, be sure as hell to make sure that I keep bringing up that LSU beat Alabama this weekend. Now, if all that wasn't bad enough, they're both huge racists. I've never heard two people go on and on about the evils of black people, not just Friday night, but on several occasions. I decided I was going to fashion a KKK hood and next time they started up I was going to put it on and say I didn't realize the meeting had started already. Not really, but I thought that would effectively get the point across. I just don't get how two supposedly educated women can get on the rants that they do. Anyway, next time I'm going to sit with B, even though she's not really my favorite person, I know that no one else likes her so I won't have to deal with those other two and their stupid crap.

My parents were buying a full sized bed for her birthday because her crib converted from a crib to a toddler bed to a full sized bed. So they were buying her a mattress and box spring for her birthday. So I bought her a sheet set and comforter etc. So the sheets came Friday and Eva got the box. I told her to just put it away that it wasn't for her. At some point while I was gone, she opened the box. James swears that she opened up the sheets and put them all on her bed by herself. Somehow, I don't really believe that. So anyway, the whole birthday surprise was ruined.

Saturday....I took Eva to a schoolmates birthday party. She had a good time. They had a race car theme. They made race cars out of diaper boxes. Then they raced them around the yard. It was pretty cute, but then Eva fell and scraped up her elbows. It was high drama. I called my mom and told her about the sheet incident so they could go ahead and get the bed whenever. They purchased it that morning and James picked it up later that afternoon. We watched the LSU game late that afternoon. It was a really nice day so we had all the windows open. When LSU won, it was like surround sound. There was all the cheering from the TV, but then you could also hear all the neighbors cheering from their houses. It was really funny. Oh and I confirmed a spacewalk rental, so that's one thing to scratch off the list.

Sunday....The day started really early. I took the girls to Wal-Mart to order Eva's cake (another off the list) and I finally bought a huge bucket for all the toys in the living room. Then we went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant. When we got home, we started a huge cleaning project. We cleaned and rearranged Eva's room. Put together her new bed. Moved her bed where the fouton was, moved the fouton to the living room for her party next weekend, but I don't know what we're going to do with it after that. I also folded and put away about 10 loads of laundry.

The carpet cleaners are coming today, so yay, when I get home I get to finish picking up everything off the floor. I'm sore from yesterday, the thought of going home and working more is not pleasant. Then later tonight after the carpet people are done, I have to go shopping to get the girls Christmas outfits. Eva's school is doing Christmas portraits Tuesday morning and I called the photographer and asked if Lauren and Maria could be in the picture too. She said that was fine with her if it was ok with the school. They said it was ok, so I have to do that tonight. Also on Tuesday the phone people are coming to switch out all our cable and internet from the cable company's coaxial cable to the phone comany's fiber optic lines. It's supposed to be superior and we'll be getting a ton more services for about $10 less per month. The cable has gone down 3 times in the last 2 weeks so when it went out Friday that was the last straw.

Ok, I'll stop rambling! I just have so much going on and I'm kinda freaking out, if you couldn't tell :)


Jenny said...

Yikes, it does sound like you have a lot on your plate right now. Maybe a nice hot bath and some stitching will fix you right up. :)

Sandra said...

You do sound busy. I can't believe those traitors talking about Alabama in LA of all places. How rude! I got a good laugh from the KKK hood, that would too funny.

Sorry the suprise got ruined. I hate when things happen that way.

I love that cross stitch store. They are so nice. I need to go for a visit but we haven't been to Baton Rouge since the day after the Hurricane. I would love to go to the stitch in's but it's about an hour and 45 min. drive there. I could however just go and DH could stay at our daughter's and visit. LOL I'm a bit addicted to stitching. I've got so much to get finished.

I also visit all the scrapbook stores there when I come. I love the one in Praireville and also the one on Coursey.

Good luck with everything you've got going on. :D