Sunday, November 06, 2005

So so weak

I've been waiting for the new Mirabilia Fairy kit to hit my LNS ever since I saw the first picture. I had to have her, she was just so cute. They finally got it in late last week and Saturday they were having a sale so I was able to get it for 20% off which help considerably with the $50 price tag. Which I will say is definately within reason considering the contents of the kit. There's 11 or so Crescent Colors which retail for like $2/ea., a card of Whisper, 2 packs of Mill Hills, a pretty generous cut of fabric and then the chart obviously. It doesn't have a full spool of Kreinik, but it's only used in a little tiny spot and they have just a cut of it, but still that's ok with me.

Anyway, so with all this stitching that I have to do, what do I do? I come home and start it immediately. It'll be a quick stitch. Not a whole lot of color changes. I'm being spurred on by the hope that I can resell what's left over while she's still popular. I think in most colors there will still be a ton of thread (there might be about 3-4 that will be mostly used I think). I'm sure I have the beads in my stash, I know I have the Kreinik, and I have a card of Whisper too. I also swapped out the fabric for Silkweaver's Winter Sky. So, nearly everything would still be included so I just need to decide on a fair asking price.

On the family front, James and I actually went out last night. Just a company dinner, but it was fairly fun anyway. I got the giggles really bad at one point and he couldn't stop laughing either. I thought that was even funnier, because he never laughs out loud.

Maria's sick though, she's running a fever. It was 102 this morning, but she has no other symptoms than looking a little run down and she's a little fussy. So I called the doctor's office and they just said to treat the fever and if it doesn't break before tomorrow morning to bring her in. So that's what we're doing and she's sleeping right now.

Well, I need to stop wasting time and go stitch something. Oooh I do have a happy dance to share, but not until next week (it's a secret until then)!


Tracy said...

Happy dance??? What is it? What is it? Tell me the truth.. Are you going to be on Judge Judy too? Heh heh heh :))

Poor baby Maria... I hope she feels better soon.

Autumn said...

No no, nothing to get so excited about. It's just a stitching finish.

I don't think I could be on any of those shows because I'd be laughing so much.