Friday, December 29, 2006

Sweetheart Tree RR finish

I finished up my section on Ruth's RR last night. Really quick stitch! One day!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pictures's a pic of Eva at her Christmas Pageant (she's not standing on anything, she really is that much taller than everyone else!)
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Maria and Lauren on Christmas after opening presents

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My mom's Biscornu. Pattern is Christmas Jewels from Just Nan

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Dani's Sweetheart Tree RR. I finish up my section, at the bottom, last night. Pattern is from Treasured Trio

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I don't even know where to start. Friday Eva had a little pageant at school. It was cute. They sang songs and rang bells. Saturday we didn't do much, but it was my dad's birthday. We just had a little party with cake and ice cream. Sunday afternoon we went to church and Lauren and Maria were so BAD!! I was so frustrated with them that we left early. We were seated right in front of this water pool/fountain thing and they kept putting their hands in it and then they started throwing stuff in it. We went from there straight to my grandmother's house. We opened presents there. Eva finally got her electric Barbie karaoke guitar. That's been pretty amusing. She's been rocking out with Hannah Montana since then. Monday morning we didn't do much of anything except hang out and play with all the stuff Santa brought. Monday night we went to my parents' house to open more presents. Yesterday I didn't have to work, yay! So, we just bummed around and cleaned house and tried to teach Lauren and Maria how to ride their new bikes. It was exceedingly cold and very windy so that didn't last long!

All in all it was a good Christmas and the kids seemed to really enjoy it and got tons of presents. I got two $50 gift certificates to cross stitch places so I was happy about that!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Foggy Bottom

What a difference! Two weeks ago it was like 40 degrees and super dry. My hands were getting all rough. For the last week, it's been unbelievably foggy and warm. Yesterday the kids were playing outside in shorts and Tshirts. And the damn mosquitos were back. Do those things EVER die??? This morning I had to actually drive with the windshield wipers on and it wasn't even raining! Everything is just so wet. And we get to look forward to heavy thunderstorms this week, a nice weekend, and a rainy Christmas.

I'm sooooo close to finishing my mom's Christmas present. I finished all the stitching on it last night and started the beading. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the beading today and start on the finishing tonight. I think it's going to be so pretty. I'm doing Just Nan's Christmas Jewel with some of the colors changed a little bit.

So I was happy Yul won Survivor, although, Ozzie really deserved to win. And I have to say I think Ozzie looked way better on the island than he did on the finale show.

Saturday we went to a Christmas party and it was really a good time. I was reluctant to go because it was all people my husband knew. We brought the kids and Eva was like the belle of the ball. She'd just walk up to the other kids and say "Hi friend, want to play?" LOL Lauren and Maria were so good. Lauren had a diaper incident and had to go around pantsless for half the evening, but no one seemed to mind, least of all Lauren! There was a lot of eating and dancing.

Annmarie and Kristen, they played Strokin'. That song always makes me think of Mardi Gras. But I have to say, I don't think I ever realized how racy those lyrics are! I mean, I knew they were, but I guess I never listened that closely before LOL

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Jib Jab

I love the JibJab people. Nucking Futs - A Year in Review

Monday, December 11, 2006

Who Dat?!?

How bout them Saints?? Ok, right now, the Saints are the only thing about Louisiana I'm feeling good about. Reelecting William Jefferson?? Blanco putting on an eye patch at the Special Session...oh I was so embarrassed.

Not much else going on. Saturday we hit two birthday parties. Sunday we all went to! Not! LOL

I was really proud of Eva yesterday. My parents took her to a Christmas parade and they got there late so they were at the end of the route and a lot of the floats were out of stuff by time they got to them. My mom said that it didn't bother Eva and she kept telling everyone Merry Christmas. There was one lady that told Eva she didn't have anything left to give her. She said that was ok, Merry Christmas anyway. So the lady took this huge stuffed Santa off the float and gave it to her. My mom said that Eva had so much fun and shared her stuff with all the other kids around them and she was talking to all the people passing in the parade. I'm glad she behaved so well.

Other than that, I'm just stitching away on my mom's Christmas present! I should have it finished by the end of the week I should think. Maybe not the finishing, but all the rest.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Where to start??

Ok...well the 3rd serial killer in South Louisiana was finally caught last week. I had to laugh on Criminal Minds recently when they said something to the effect that it was really rare to have more than one serial killer operating in any one area. That's 3 caught here in the last 4 years. And there's at least two more officially the I-10 killer and another that hasn't been officially acknowledged but when Derrick Todd Lee was operating all the profilers identified it as another serial killer, but local officials seem reluctant to declare it as such. Do you see why we have so many?

Thursday was taken up with Eva and an ear infection. I felt so bad for her Wednesday night. She was practically hysterical from pain, but I had given her everything I could think of. Since Katrina, you can't get in an emergency room for hours and it was already 2 am and her doctor's office opened at 7, so I really wanted her to hang on until then. Plus, our ER copay is $300 and the doctor copay is $20, so that was another big thing. So, I had driven her around earlier to help her go to sleep and that worked in the car, but when I brought her inside she woke up again. So at around 2:30 I couldn't take it anymore, I was going to take her to a small hospital that hopefully wasn't quite so busy, but she feel asleep pretty hard on the drive there, so I turned around and parked in the driveway and slept in the car with her. We got her to her regular doctor and got her all medicated and she's doing much better. That was the first ear infection in like 2 years. I'm really pleased she went that long!

Saturday we went to a little party my mom had. It was a ladies social type thing. There were a lot of people there! And so many kids! I saw people I hadn't seen in quite awhile. Ms. Laurel was there with Amanda and her new baby which she named Darren in honor of his uncle that died a year ago this week. His death still really upsets me in way that I would have never thought. Ms. Lauren was there with a herd of daughter in laws and their kids. Amy was there with her new baby. She was brand new, like 2 weeks old. Her name is Jewel. We (as in our family) didn't even know she was pregnant much less just had a baby! Anyway, it was a good time and the girls behaved wonderfully. Lauren just attached herself to "Titi DeeDee", it was cute. Eva couldn't say Auntie when she was little so now all the aunts are Titis and all the uncles are Kikis.

Then I got to watch USC's shameful loss to UCLA. Yay!! Man...I loved it! And those Saints were looking pretty fantastic again today!!

The girls are playing outside as I'm typing this, every now and then one runs past the window and it's so funny bacause they're all bundled up, but they have their fairy wings on over their coats. Oh and are my kids morbid or what?? Last night they were playing Dead Fairies. One would be dead and the others would fuss over her and ask her not to be dead. At least they weren't fighting I guess!