Monday, November 07, 2005

Deep Thoughts

Was it Deep Thoughts that Jack Handy wrote on SNL? I haven't watched that show in forever. Although, I did watch The Longest Yard yesterday (Adam Sandler/SNL). I thought it was pretty good. Predictable, but entertaining. I haven't seen the original yet so I can't make any comparison. I also watched Dog Town and the Z-Boys. This is a documentary about the rise of the skateboarding culture in the 70s. I watched the Lords of Dogtown last week, so now I'm thoroughly educated on the subject.

Today I'm in search of an endocrinologist. Pregnancy was rough on my body and my thyroid pretty much crapped out after Lauren and Maria. I don't feel like my Primary Care doctor is aggressive enough in treating the situation. So begins my search. I've called two of the approved doctors by my insurance and one has his phone line temporarily disconnected, what the heck does that mean? The other is some really complicated phone tree for the entire hospital. I think I'm going to call the Indian doctor that's in a stand alone office. They always talk about how doctors that are educated in India are more creative than American doctors so maybe he'll be better anyway.

Maria is going to the doctor today. She was still running a fever this morning. It's weird, other than looking tired and burning up, she doesn't seem to be having any other symptoms. She's not even acting like she's sick.

I did make good headway on the Christmas Fairy. The use of hand dyed threads on such a project does add a different dimension to the piece. It's sort of weird because you have to pick what part of the thread you want to work with. And one color is a blended thread. So it looks even more different (is that a phrase?) depending how you line them up. Speaking of the blend, I'm not too keen on it. However, that's often the case, and in the end the designer is nearly always right so I should just trust it.

I guess that's all that's on my mind today

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How is Maria doing?