Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So much to do

I'm still working on the menu for the party. I think it's finally coming together though, so I just need to make a shopping list and figure out how I'm going to cook all this stuff and only cause minimal mess in the kitchen. I am so tired of cleaning the kitchen.

I have a ton of stitching stuff to do, so I can't wait for this 4 day weekend coming up next week.

I had my stitching night last night and the Bama lover was there. However, Rudy Niswanger's mom was also there. Plus two LSU Football season ticket holders, and a former Tiger Band member. So, she was pretty subdued. I sat way far away from her so she wasn't much of an issue.

I took a picture of Eva's new bed. As a point of reference as to how huge this bed is, the dresser next to it is about chest high.

And if anyone is's my progress on my Christmas Elf.


Jenny said...

Lucky girl to have "Petal Fairy" hanging in her bedroom. :)

Your Christmas Elf is coming along really nicely.

Tracy said...

So pretty! I noticed your beautiful work on the wall too!