Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Pictures

Eva as Tinkerbell



The longest weekend ever!!

Ok, so Saturday wasn't so bad. I took the girls to the library, which as my mom says immediately qualifies me for Sainthood. LOL It was pretty bad. Then I met a friend of mine and we went to lunch and picked out thread for my Mirabilia Round Robin. LSU won big time so that was good.

Sunday, that extra hour you're supposed to get when you're sleeping, that didn't happen. It happened some time Sunday afternoon. I was so tired I was falling asleep sitting up. I worked on fixing all the Halloween costumes. They're still a little big for Lauren and Maria, but I think it'll be good enough for a few hours of trick or treating. I was really disappointed that Desperate Housewives was a rerun. At least Gray's Anatomy wasn't. I love that show! It was a good episode.

Well, the Saints lost bad in their first Baton Rouge game. It was terrible and there were huge chunks of empty seats. I think the people that were there were to see Nick Sabin coaching in Tiger Stadium again. Apparently, Tom Benson left the game early and knocked down a camera man and got in a fight with a spectator, he's just a moron. Devry Henderson wasn't having a good game and he was an excellent player for LSU so he of all people should have been at home. I'll just blame it on Aaron Brooks. I don't like him that much either.

Oh Eva got her school pictures in.

So I was killing time this morning...

Jolly good, wot! Anyone for tennis? That'll be ten ponies, guv. You're the epitome of everything that is english. Yey :) Hoist that Union Jack!

How British are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

Ewwwwww (I hope I don't look like him...especially my teeth!)

You're Captain Barbossa, or should I say, First-mate Barbossa. Aren't you a little old to be playing pirates? With the Captain's hat seems to come being cruel, mean and cursed. Ah well, better you than Jack.

Which POTC character are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

Do you cluck or do you roar?

this quiz was made by alanna

I thought it was funny that the hobby question included cross stitching with blunt needles because sharp needles are scary. You can still do serious damage with cross stitch needles. I ran one under my fingernail the other day and that hurt for days!

Gummy Bears

You may be smooshie and taste unnatural, but you're so darn cute.

Your Pimp Name Is...

Silky Glider why is there a picture of a monkey with a gun? Wouldn't a picture of a shark make more sense??
Your Animal Personality

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You were born to lead.

Friday, October 28, 2005

All About the Numbers

110-120 mph. I finally found a map today that had the wind speeds from Katrina. That's what we experienced at our house. Apparently wind caused more damage than water, which is really hard to believe.

1068. That's the current number of fatalities from Katrina. It's still going up every day. People are returning home to New Orleans and are finding dead people in their houses, which must be really horrifying.

11% That's the current unemployment rate in Louisiana. Which, just further confirms to me that there are a bunch of lazy ass people around here. If you want to work, you can find a job around here. Baton Rouge has help wanted signs EVERYWHERE. I'm not lying or exaggerating when I say nearly every business I go into is seeking some type of help. I was just reading in the Baton Rouge Business Report (one of my favorite magazines) that restaraunts and retail stores have tripled their business and just can't keep up. The evacuees are getting free transportation so that can't be an issue. They just opened a free shuttle from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. Yesterday they had some huge job fair in New Orleans. They're so desperate for people to come back to work. People are all mad about all the Mexicans flooding in to do clean up work, but apparently they're the only people willing to do it. But I guess when you have FEMA paying for your room and board and every other charitable organization taking care of every other need and/or want, you don't need to worry about working.

Jenny, I've been thinking about your question and I really don't know. Somewhere the expectations of FEMA changed. I remember Rush Limbaugh talked about this right after Katrina hit and he was talking about how just several years ago immediate action by FEMA wasn't expected. It would take weeks or even a month or two for FEMA to show up after a disaster. I have this distinct memory of a flooding incident somewhere on the mid-Atlantic seaboard and one of the beer companies stopped bottling beer and started bottling water for all those people. Now, that wouldn't happen, everyone would expect the government to do that. Plus, people don't seem to worry so much or prepare for these things, it's expected that the government is going to take care of you. They were talking about how in Florida people started lining up for ice and water only 6 hours after the hurricane passed (which I'm assuming is true) and people were questioning why they didn't stock up on this sort of thing before the hurricane. I don't know the answer, other than a lot of people just aren't self-reliant anymore. As for response time, I doubt that's changed much. You can't position the rescue effort in the path of the hurricane. It's all the same problems, you have to wait for the water to recede, you have to cut up all the downed trees, make sure the downed power lines aren't live, etc.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


That's the new word around the house. Eva learned that word and now uses it liberally to describe everything from her supper to the outfit I picked out for her to the mess on the floor. If it wasn't so funny it'd probably drive me crazy.

She's getting so excited for Halloween and her birthday and Christmas. The next few months are going to be pretty crazy I think. Eva's going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween. I looked and looked and looked for costumes for Lauren and Maria and couldn't find anything. My mom suggested dressing them as a brown blob and a purple blob and call them Peanut Butter and Jelly. I wasn't too keen on that. Finally I walked past the Barbie aisle at Target and they had those Barbie dress up outfits. I got them some of the Fairytopia costumes. They're a little big, but they're pretty cute and better quality than most of the Halloween costumes. This year I went to Sam's to get Halloween candy and got 3 huge bags instead of 2 since we ran out last year. I think we're going to have even more kids this year since we still have a lot of evacuees living around here and I'd bet they don't have a lot to do to entertain the kids.

Apologies in advance to Kristen and any of my other Florida friends, but Louisiana is feeling a little bit of Karmic Justice right now. After Katrina, and to a lesser degree, Rita, all these people in Florida (particularly Jeb) kept talking about what a bunch of loser idiots we were in Louisiana because we don't know how to handle a hurricane and how they were soooo prepared and nearly experts in how to handle such a catastrophe. Well, well, well, what do you know? No water, no ice, no gas, no elecricity, lack of phone service, different agencies not being able to communicate, dumbasses that didn't/wouldn't/couldn't evacuate. Anyway, so I think there were a lot of people offended by the comments (which I think were really political but a lot of people took them personally) and now are feeling a little better today.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Who Turned Off the Heat??

I've turned into such a baby about being cold. This morning it was 36 degrees and was freezing half to death. And of course I have a cold. I always get a cold whenever the temperature drops really fast.

And where the heck did October go?? I can blame the loss of September to Katrina, but October went by alarmingly fast too. November and December always go by fast so next thing I know it's going to be the first of next year. sigh

Yesterday my car ignition thingy broke. I was sitting outside a contractors office and couldn't turn the key to start the car. So I did the turning the wheel thing, made sure my car was in park, my emergency brake was off, etc. Still nothing. So I called my dad, my uncle, my grandfather, the car dealership, and a locksmith. None of which could help me. The locksmith did tell me to call Pop-A-Lock. So, I did that, and voila! After waiting for two hours he showed up, fixed it in about 10 minutes and only charged about a 1/3 of what the dealership estimated. So I used that two hours to alternatively nap and stitch. It was pretty nice LOL

The Kentwoood Water guy told us that you can now go down to New Orleans and drive around and see what you can see. I hope to maybe go down this weekend. I've been hearing about all the decorated refrigerators so maybe I can get some pictures. I guess people have been painting and wrapping the refrigerators that are awaiting pickup. My grandparents went down last weekend and they were saying it was probably going to take years just to pick up all the trash. Apparently the trash piles are higher than many of the buildings. There was this guy at Sam's last week that was saying he was a dump truck driver and since Katrina he's made $97,000 just hauling debris. He said he was working 18 hour days and back and forth all day every day. I didn't think to ask where they were taking all that stuff. Here's a rather morbid graphic of where the dead were found in New Orleans.

Trash pick up outside of New Orleans is still a big problem. At home ours seems like it's back on track, but in Baton Rouge it's obviously not. You still see tons of really overflowing dumpsters. At work we finally paid a passing garbage truck to come get ours.

I think most things are getting back to normal. People who can move back to New Orleans have and those who can't seem to have settled down elsewhere. Traffic is much better. There doesn't seem to be that sense of panic everywhere. The grocery store is mostly stocked now. There does seem to be some random things in short supply. Especially toiletries for some reason. Those aisles at the store always seem to be nearly empty. And kitty litter. I don't know if that's used for some kind of cleaning or something, but kitty litter is hard to find.

Well I suppose I should go and actually work or something....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Traffic Cop

I found this via Kelley's blog. This is one of those really bad funny blogs (there are some adult pictures in it so be warned.

Traffic Cop

An Uneventful Weekend

Ok is anyone else having trouble with Blogger and getting to the page where you add your post? I've been having trouble getting it to open.

Friday, James and I had lunch together which was nice. We went to an Indian Restaurant, which is a testament to my love for him. LOL I just don't like it. We've been several times and I've been brave, but just can't find anything I like.

Saturday we just kinda fooled around. We played outside with the kids, then went to Sonic for lunch. Then we took them to the playground near our house. They were so dirty by time we got back home.

Saturday night we tried to watch the LSU game at my parents house, but Eva was being really bad so I took her back home. We finished watching it at home. What a nail biter!! I was just thrilled that they won again! After the game ended someone started running up and down the street yelling. I was ok with that. Then the people that live in the trailer across the bayou took their party outside which probably wouldn't be too bad, but the acoustics of the huge expanse between their house and ours magnifies the noise somehow. Then after they quiet down I realize someone is playing rap music really loud. I couldn't even figure out which house it was coming from. It was mildly irritating, but I was watching a movie (Van Helsing) so I couldn't hear it unless I got up.

Sunday, more of the same, just cleaning, lunch and grocery shopping. We did do some fall clothing shopping for Eva. She looked so grown up this morning. I was so thankful I bought so many clothes for her when she was a baby. Lauren and Maria are all set for pants and jeans and a few sweaters. I'm going to get them some new shirts though so they don't have to wear all hand me downs.

It got cold over the weekend. It was like 90 Friday afternoon and today at noon it's only 53. And it's WINDY. I got out of the car a little while ago and everything blew out of my arms when I opened the door. I felt like a fool chasing everything down.

Stitching wise it was a pretty good weekend. I finished the tree on Mother's Tree. I started the first name. 1580 Renee Courtin. I got to the u in Courtin. I think the names might go fairly quickly.

If anyone is curious how I managed to go back so far, it wasn't through a huge amount of my own work. My great aunt had started the family tree and she had done a great deal of work including press clippings and pictures many generations back. However, she was doing the entire family tree and I was trying to get just the mother line. So I used her material as much as I could. Then I hit What an excellent resource! Between that website (and some of the people I corresponded with from that website), the resources of the geneaology department at the Bluebonnet Libaray, and all the people who tracked the Acadians exiled from Canada, I was able to get the names of all these women. I hit a wall because Renee Courtin was born in France and either I would have physically go to France to search old church records or hire someone to do it. Neither of which were very affordable. Anyway, I worked it backwards and forwards several times over many months so I'm fairly comfortable that my information is correct.

I was bad and I started Doro Theos (thanks Marjean and Anita!) this weekend. I changed the colors from the recommended blue, pink, and purple to red, green and gold. I'm stitching it on Silkweaver's Purely Primitive. I'm a little iffy about how the gold looks on that fabric, but the gold thread has a very slight greenish cast, the fabric has a slight greenish cast, and then I have a green thread next to it. So I think it'll work. I need to stop stressing about these things. I've never had anyone say that they hate my fabric choice so I don't know why I worry about it so much.

I guess that's about it. Although, I do have something sort of trivial and random on my mind. I just heard that "officials" (whoever that may be) believe that most of the cars used in car bombs in Iraq are cars stolen off the streets of the United States. How would so many stolen cars get over there? I could understand if they were stolen from say Saudi Arabia or something, but it seems like it'd be awfully difficult not to mention costly to transport so many cars overseas.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's pretty quiet around here

There's not much going on around here. I've been stitching like a crazy woman trying to catch up with everything. I finished Hinzeit's Princess Mini Block. It's stitched on Silkweaver's Rock-A-Bye Opalescent Lugana. Instead of using the Needle Necessity thread required I used DMC 603. I also finished a Round Robin that was killing me. I hated it so much. It's that Alphabet one with my stitching group and the pattern chosen was Cricket Collection's Christmas Alphabet. I stitched O,P,Q. I don't think I posted this on here, but I also finished my section on Crystal's Band Sampler Round Robin. The color is a little washed out in that picture, but it's really pretty and it's going to be gorgeous when it's done. So now I'm working on Marilyn's Stitcher's Lane RR and I hope to finish that up today. Then I'm going to go back to working on my Mother's Tree. I really want to finish the tree maybe this weekend. I'm pretty close to being done with that part. Then I'm going to need to start with the names, which is going to be quite the challenge. I think I was able to go back 16 generations.

I just saw a pattern I HAVE to get. Isn't Love Song gorgeous?? I just broke down and ordered Rhapsody in Blue and now they come out with another one?? I just love love love the border.

I just heard this on the cracked me up

Tom Benson if you move the Saints
After all this State has been through
Read between our cajun fingers,
This bird is for you.

I can't stand Tom Benson, I hate that the State is fast tracking the renovation of the Superdome when housing in New Orleans is still in limbo, just so he doesn't move the Saints. Let the go!! Seriously, no tears would be shed around here. I always thought this was another one of those New Orleans vs. the rest of the State things. There was a salesman yesterday in our office who said most of New Orleans is happy to let them move too. So if nobody cares? Why is there all this hysteria that they might move now that they have an opening in their contract that would let them move? There's some sort of disaster clause that would allow them to leave and Katrina would fit the bill. Benson has always wanted to move to San Antonio, they're playing most of their home games there, and SA wants them. So what's the deal? Just go! It would save the State millions of dollars every year. Money that might actually get spent on schools instead...what a novel concept! Hmm...apparently Nagin wants the Saints to stay and the owner to go. That could work too I guess. Benson is the one that causes all the problems.

I've requested my recall Blanco petition. I haven't gotten it yet, and I don't know if I'm going to sign it when I do get it. I'm so severely disappointed in her on so many levels. My most serious beef with her is her new Rebuild Louisiana Commission or whatever it's called. The Governor of Mississippi hired the 10 Ten Urban Planners in the country to give their $.02. What does Blanco do? Appoint a bunch of politicians and political hacks. There isn't a single urban planner, architect, engineer in the whole bunch. She has just insured that not a single penny of any federal help is going to be put to any good. I almost hope they don't approve that aid package.

Anyway, I guess that's about all. I do have this picture of Lauren that I think is so cute. Those are her new pajamas and she loves those glasses.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend Update

We had a pretty good weekend. The weather was gorgeous.

Saturday morning my mom took Eva to a local nursery that was having pony rides. She took some pictures (which again I'm having trouble uploading). I think she had a really good time.

Saturday afternoon was LSU Football. It was a really great game and I was so happy that they won.

Sunday we went to the in-laws house. It was pretty nice. The weather was nice and she always cooks really good food. We spent the afternoon picking pecans. Maria preferred acorns so there were a lot of acorns mixed in. We all got so dirty. They had burned their cane field earlier in the week so we were all sooty. But now my mom has a bunch of pecans for all her holiday cooking.

Do you realize that Christmas is only about 2 months away??

Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend Update and Other Things

Well, this is probably more than just the weekend.

Lauren and Maria had their 18 month check up. They're doing really good. The nurse measured them as having an inch difference in height, which I don't believe. They only had about a one pound difference in weight which surprised me, because Lauren feels so much heavier than Maria. Anyway, Maria was in the 50th percentile for height and the 25th for weight. Lauren in the 90th percentile for height (that's where that one inch difference came in) and the 50th for weight. Anyway, for preemies, they're doing great. They've finally figured out the talking thing and seem to pick up several new words every day.

Something weird was going on with them this week. They kept breaking out in these bumps. It wasn't really a rash, but it looked like small clusters of blisters. Anyway, Lauren first broke out right before we went to the doctor, but by time we got there, they were gone. I figured it was just bug bites or something. Then at the doctor she got a bunch across her face. He gave her some antihistimines and she was fine. The next day she broke out again. And so did Maria. As quickly as they'd show up though, they'd be gone. We decided it must be something outside, because in all the instances they had just gone outside. But Friday I let them play outside with no problem. Saturday and Sunday they were outside with no problems either. They haven't had any breakouts since then either.

Eva's doing great. She's getting to be more popular than us. We went to dinner one night and there was this little girl there that she knew. Then we went to the zoo Saturday and there was a girl there she knew.

She has picture day Tuesday. I got her the cutest little dress. She tried it on and she looked like a little lady. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Work, is just unbelievably busy. It's a combination of my sister leaving and the hurricane aftermath. We have just so much work. More just keeps coming. I imagine once all the debris and buildings get torn down, our work load will just keep increasing.

Speaking of debris, one of the lingering effects of the hurricanes is that we haven't had trash pick up in weeks. The trash people can't keep up. So we have all this trash and nothing to do with it. We don't have dumps where you can go and take your own trash. I guess since we live outside of any city limits we could burn it, but I don't think I'm ready to resort to that yet, although, some of our neighbors have. We have private contract garbage, in Baton Rouge, you don't have a choice, but where we live there is an alternative and they've been able to keep up, even though they've been working what must be really long hours. I know they start at about 4 am and they've been hitting our neighborhood at about 8 pm. So, if ours doesn't get picked up I'm going to call our service and see what the deal is and if they don't come I'm going to switch.

So this weekend we went to the Zoo. I was rather disappointed. The Baton Rouge Zoo seriously pales in comparison to the New Orleans Zoo, but we were thinking that some of the animals were evacuated to the Baton Rouge Zoo so there might be more animals there. That wasn't the case. I don't see why they bother keeping it open. Less than half the exhibits have animals in them.

Saturday night we watched LSU. It wasn't a really exciting game. I knew LSU was going to win so I just read instead. I should have been stitching, but I just haven't been in the mood for that.

Sunday we just went out to lunch and grocery shopping.

Anyway, I guess that's about all. I do have a whole topic about embarassment and the many levels that I'm embarassed for my state. Maybe I'll get around to that tomorrow.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

What Part of Fall am I?

This cracked me morbid

You Are Changing Leaves

Pretty, but soon dead.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I can't keep up...

No post today again...I'm just so busy at work right now. At home Lauren and Maria are not feeling well and now I'm getting it. Things are just very hectic right now.