Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We're not doing anything exciting. We're just going to my grandparent's house. I'm making Pumpkin Fudge. I'm considering making Cheesecake Brownies and Cinnamon Toast Blinis.

Eva has a Thanksgiving pageant this afternoon. The younger 4 class are dressing up as Indians and the older 4 class are going to be the pilgrims. So that should be fun.

Yesterday we got our new fiber optic cable put in. Somehow or another they managed to cut the electrical lines for the dishwasher. Don't even ask, I don't know. Anyway, I had to wash two sinkfuls of dishes by hand. I know I know, life is so hard. LOL

Tuesday Eva told her teacher that her parents died. That made for an interesting afternoon since the manager remembered me dropping her off. She does that a lot when she's playing, she'll tell me her baby is sad because her parents died,etc. I think she must get it from Disney movies. Parents are always dead in those. I know at some point it made a big impact with her, because she stopped believing me that Simba's dad was just sleeping. Anyway, the teacher was saying how serious she was when she said it. If that child doesn't grow up to be an actress I'll be really surprised. When she's playing she gets totally into whatever character she's making up.

Lauren and Maria are sick. I feel so terribly for them. They would never get sick, now they've been sick with several different things in the last couple of months. I actually got a pharmacist to give me a dosage for them for an over the counter medicine. Normally they won't do that until they're at least two, but once I posed a dosage to him, he said that would be a good dosage for them. So, hopefully I won't have to call the doctor, since it's just a cold, but they have a nasty cough.

Oh well, we have a good long weekend!


Kelley said...

Have great Thanksgiving Autumn!

Lee said...

My daughter always made her pretend-characters orphans. I remember being at the top of the steps and hearing her say to her friends downstairs, "Wait...let's pretend all our parents are dead," and they were all happy to go along. I was at the top of the steps with my mouth hanging open. They were maybe 4 or so years old.

I wonder if it's their way of being in control of their fantasy. They don't want to *be* the grown-ups, but they want to be in charge. So adults need a good reason to be absent....and what better way than killing us off before the pretending even begins?

BTW, DD is now a delightful 14 year old who is well adjusted and sweet!