Friday, November 04, 2005

More to add to the list

Yesterday I had another panic attack, not really, but I realized that my dad, grandfather, and cousin Kate all have birthdays in December. How frustrating is that?? My dad and my grandfather are the two hardest people in the world to come up with gift ideas and I have to get each 2 in a month. My dad buys himself whatever he wants and my grandfather I don't think likes anything. Kate should be easy as she's only 3 weeks older than Eva, but she's a lot different than Eva. She doesn't play with dolls or anything, she's sort of a tomboy I guess, I don't know. Despite my aunt's initial desire to have Kate and Eva be best friends, I try to keep Eva's contact with her somewhat limited. She's really bossy and manipulative (and she's only 3!). I can see her talking Eva (or Lauren or Maria for that matter) in to doing something horrible and Kate getting herself out of it.

Let's see...I finished Shepherd's Bush Happy Birthday kit, only one day! I'm working on making it into a needle roll. I finished the top and bottom edges and I pulled the threads for the ribbon. So tonight I just need to do the seam in the back, threading the ribbons and stuffing. This will be my first actual finished needle roll. Today I'm working on my Mira Border. I got Sandi's Stitcher's Lane RR today so I may do that this weekend. I'm thinking about doing the house from Victoria Sampler's Heirloom Homecoming Sampler. I've been wanting to do that one, but it didn't work on any of the ones I've been working on recently. On a related note, Sherrin emailed me to say that it looks like mine is lost. I guess it was mailed several weeks ago and never showed up at Susan's house. I'm disappointed, but I'm not crushed like I felt when Lynn's RR never showed up at my house. I feel bad that other people did all this work on it and it's maybe gone. I'm undecided about starting it over. I guess if the other participants are willing to do it over, I will. I'll hold out a little hope though, there was a RR in another group that showed up something like 2 months later because it got rerouted to Tortuga or something.

Angi sent me a nice package too! She sent some Gloriana Threads. She sent Fall Foliage, Lavender Ice, Pacific Blue and Deep Blue Sea. Gloriana is my absolute favorite thread. It's like silky butter or something. It's wonderful and the colors are just so beautiful. I might use the Fall Foliage for the VS Heirloom Homecoming House!


Jenny said...

I really like that house on the Victoria Sampler! I'd definitely do it if it works for the piece. I'm sorry your RR is missing, that stinks! If you decide to redo it and need someone else to stitch on it for you, let me know, I'd be happy to help if I can.

Stasha said...

I reached the point where when buying presents for older people, I get them specialty food items. That way it's nothing to clutter their space, and they enjoy it.