Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jill Rensel Framing

I sent some stuff to Jill Rensel for framing and she emailed me pics of the finished pieces.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Happens When You Take a Day Off

I took yesterday off because it was kindergarten registration day and I seemed to recall it took a long time to register Eva so I figured it would take twice as long to register 2 kids. That wasn't really true, but it was still a good reason to take a day off work.

I had pulled out my Mirabilia charts to decide what pattern I wanted to do for my round robin and decided since she was so treasure intensive I should do Blossom Harvest, but as I started pondering the chart I decided that perhaps I needed to rethink restarting it. I had started it in the past but didn't like how it was coming out. It was on 28 ct natural linen (this was in the dark days before hand dyed linen) and with all that white thread it wasn't looking good.

So I woke up yesterday with a bad case of startitis and a whole day off, minus the registration time. I pulled out Blossom Harvest and damn it all to hell I didn't have any fabric that was working! It was 8 am. I decided Marjean should be up at that time of the morning but she didn't answer her phone. Then I called Kaye told her to get her ass out of bed because I needed fabric! Isn't it great to have stitchy friends so close by? And Kaye came through. She had a lovely piece of Sugar Maple Fabric Abracadabra. We had a lovely afternoon of stitching and I got a good start on Blossom Harvest.

Monday, April 20, 2009


The exclamation is "Voila!". It's French. It's not Walla or Wal-la or Wall-a or whatever other bastardization I've seen over the years. It's a V people!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

HAED Attempt

As for what I'm stitching now, I started Butterfly Keeper from HAED. I've never done one before and thought it was time to take up the challenge. I was doing pretty well. Until I found a section that was off. DAMN! And it was black thread on white fabric. DOUBLE DAMN! I was not a happy camper. I had to put it away for a couple of days. I finally snipped it out last night.

In the meantime I was working on the frames for the next Mirabilia RR. Yes, another one. I'm a sucker for punishment. LOL This one will go well. Missy has commanded it. Plus, I think we're all pretty sensitive to what happened last time. I have a beeeeautiful Silkweaver solo. I've been stitching them out and figuring out how to make it "shimmer induced" without making it too terribly tacky.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Venetian Opulence Finished!!

After about 3 1/2 months VO is finished. I'm having issues with the pictures. I used my dad's camera and I'm not too skilled with it, it's one of those uber professional things and I'm used to like a throw away kind. I did actually iron it, but I took the pictures outside on a towel and the towel wouldn't lay flat. It's stitched on 32 ct. Rock Quarry opalescent linen from Silkweaver which is unfortunately kind of washed out in these pictures.

I found that I needed approximately 4 skeins of 3 1/2 at least. 2 skeins 869 and 680. I also used exactly a full skein of 814 so if you're a floss waster or stitching on 28 ct. fabric you might need two of those. I got away with one pack of the 3037 beads but there were exactly 2 beads leftover. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Now I need to get it framed!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Well the girls have wrapped up birthday week. They had a blast and were spoiled rotten by everyone. I loved this pic and thought it pretty much summed up everything