Thursday, November 10, 2005

I've got fear in my heart

NOT!! LOL Since Katrina there have been obvious gang issues, Baton Rouge gangs, New Orleans gangs trying to protect their turf etc. etc. I find it just so ridiculous. The incidents that I find most laughable are those that are occuring at Baker Middle School. Baker is where they've set up a huge FEMA trailer park so there are a large number of New Orleans kids going there. Well I guess the Baker kids are a little resentful that they're there. So the school has apparently broken up into two "gangs". The 504 boys and the 225 boys. 504 is the NO area code and 225 is the BR area code. So all the gang graffitti has 504 and 225 in it. I'm sorry, but if I were part of a gang or some other entity whose intent was to inspire fear in my enemies, I'd have a way scarier name than the 504 boys or something like that. I'd be like The Hilary Clintons or the Ebola Virus. Anyway, all this came out because someone found a loaded gun clip at the school. No gun, just a gun clip. So everyone is freakin' out all worried about an impending gang war amongst MIDDLE SCHOOL kids. I can so see how this happened. This was probably an extra clip that some kid got his hands on and brought it to school to show off, yes, I know that means he could probably get his hands on a gun, but he didn't.

On a related note, there's a big controversy brewing about a trailer park that they're considering setting up on a place called The Island on False River in New Roads. This is causing a big uproar over in New Roads because it's just the stupidest idea ever. New Roads itself is a very small town. They have a little tiny hospital, a Wal-Mart, and a Piggly Wiggly and a Dairy Queen and that's pretty much it. They've got no public transportation and no large employers anywhere near by. Most of the people who live in that area (most of my inlaws) are either farmers or they work in Baton Rouge which is like 45 minutes away. So they're planning on dumping all these people who have no transportation in a place where there's nowhere to go, nothing to do, and pretty much zero job opportunity (not that that's a huge issue apparently). The owner of the land is offering the land to FEMA because he and his wife feel like it's the Christian thing to do. My thought was that he was going to get a pretty hefty chunk of money for doing that, probably some huge tax deduction, and his previously undeveloped piece of property was going to get developed for him for free. So pardon me if I feel like he's probably got other reasons for doing it.

All that said, a friend of mine and I have found the ideal business. A lot of the evacuees have been complaining that there aren't any convenience stores within walking distance of many of the parks. So we're going to start a beer truck. Like an ice cream truck. We figured we could stock it with beer, cigarettes, maybe some marijuana, and nudie magazines. If that was legal we'd be rolling in some serious dough LOL

Ok, anyway, Maria apparently had roseola. She broke out in a rash yesterday. She's doing fine. She's back to her normal mischievous self. My Christmas Elf is coming along nicely. I was having serious doubts about some of the colors, but now that I'm almost done with the dress, the colors have come together very nicely. I called around to endocrinologists and found out that the earliest appointment I'm going to get is like February. So I have an appointment with my primary care tomorrow morning and I'm going to have to be a little more forceful with my opinions.

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