Monday, November 28, 2005

Holiday Weekend

There's Eva after her Thanksgiving Play. Tomorrow I'll try to get the Santa pictures up.

We had a fairly good weekend. Pretty uneventful. Thursday we did Thanksgiving. All I ended up bringing was the cheesecake brownies that no one ate. The pumpkin fudge didn't set and this other thing I tried just didn't work either. So as a last resort I made the cheesecake brownies because our family cheesecake maker insisted he wasn't going to bring anything. Well, he did, so everyone ate that. My mom ended up taking the brownies home...and then they ate them all. All I got was one little tiny corner. Oh well.

Friday, my mom and I woke up early and took the girls shopping. We hit Michaels for 6 am and got a bunch of ornaments. Then we went to the mall. It wasn't too bad. We went to the "old mall", so there weren't as many people there. I wanted to go there because they have a Children's Place there and we did really good at that store. Lauren and Maria got a fancy sweater and skirt set each, a Fair Isle sweater each, a sweatsuit each, a shirt each, and a body suit each and then a free teddy bear and all that came to just over $100. Eva got a pair of shoes at Stride Rite. That was it. We went to go take pictures with Santa and they got all high tech. You had to sign up and get a buzzer. So we went eat while we were waiting for the buzzer. We ate at Chik-fil-a and then got a cookie at the Great American Cookie Company. We got coupons for both of those places with the pictures so we should have waited LOL The pictures didn't go over so well. Eva got all shy, Lauren was crying hysterically, Maria was totally oblivious because Santa gave her a sucker. So, it didn't make for the best picture.

We went home, napped, then took out the Christmas tree. There must have been some great ornament migration or something because it didn't seem like we had very many. So I got my mom again and we went to Hobby Lobby and got more ornaments. By then we were pretty tired.

Saturday and Sunday we didn't do much of anything. We just bummed around the house and watched movies. We've all had this cold that's just been lingering.

Last night I fell asleep at 8:00 so I didn't watch any of my shows and I didn't do any stitching. I'm nearly done with my Christmas Elf Fairy. I just have some beading to do. I got a 25% off coupon for my framer so I'm bringing some stuff there today to see what I can afford to get framed. I just don't get why framing is soooo expensive. Anyway, that's about it.


Kelley said...

She's so cute!

Jenny said...

Eva sure is cute. I'd go make another pan of those cheesecake brownies if I were you. That's what I did with the apple crisp I didn't get to taste at Thanksgiving. :)