Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Blogger sucks! Gosh! (In my best Napoleon Dynamite voice) It took me all morning to finally get to the Create Post section. No, I haven't watched it lately but something got that movie in my mind and now it's stuck there.

Maria's doing fine. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with her other than the fever. He said if it doesn't get better to call him back, but it has. However, now she's just really cranky. So is Lauren. They've both been really demanding, but they don't have the skills to communicated exactly what they want. It's very frustrating.

Eva has developed this really annoying habit and I'm determined to quash it. Whenever I tell her no she argues with me and then when I say "I told you no" she always answers back with "I told you yes". Oh my god, it sends me through the roof.

I'm not sleeping again which is also really annoying. If there was a hotel room to rent I'd probably take one to sleep for an afternoon. I might need to find one of those hooker hotels and just pay by the hour or something.

Ooops, it's Wednesday, time for Captain D's! Gotta run!

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