Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day Off

I took today off. I decided to let Eva stay home from daycare today. So the girls and I are hanging out at home today. It's actually not raining right now, but it's cold and wet and it's supposed to rain at some point today. I'm so tired of this!

I don't know what the hell happened to BlogPatrol, so found a new stats counter. It looks sort of sad sitting down there all little.

I'm still in my really bored phase. Nothing's working and I've been shopping which is bad! I haven't actually really spent a lot of money so it's not terrible. Although the scandal over Theresa's tattoo was pretty entertaining LOL I was wondering if that poor little boy was going to have a heartattack when she started taking off her uniform shirt. Ha ha ha ha!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Biscornu Received

Angi got the biscornu I sent her so now I can show it off. I really loved this one! The pattern is Bee Pinkeep from the January issue of Gift of Stitching. It's stitched on a Silkweaver solo that's sort of sky looking.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Eva lost her first tooth on the 23rd. She was pretty proud. It's not the best picture, but it's about the best I can get. She doesn't act normal when I'm trying to take pictures. She has to pose. And then everyone else has to get involved and it always turns into a huge photoshoot. Here's a few more pictures from that day.

Let's see. I haven't progressed much on LotM. I got sucked into the Mirabilia RR: Round Two. So I prepped and gridded my fabric for that. And I've been working on another little secret project. I've finished my part on it.

That's about it! Oh, I got my first Mirabilia RR back on Saturday, but I need to do a little work on it. Then I'll post a picture.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I received a gift from Susan saturday! I think it's so beautiful. And it was very timely too. Yesterday the little case that I keep my needles in was broken, I'm sure a little girl had something to do with it. So I'll be transferring my needles to the new needle case.

I've been cruising along on LotM. I've been getting a little antsy about working on something other than rose bushes. Sunday I did a little gridding on it so that I could skip around and also to make sure that my border came out even. I must have counted it about a hundred times, so I'm fairly certain it's correct. But I'll still doubt myself on that until all four corners come out correctly.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Where's the outrage?

Last week everyone was all a twitter about this woman and her shirt (warning adult content)and how horrible and skanky and uncultured she was. There was a national "interest" in the story and the woman and where she got the shirt.

Yet, look at this guy. There was a woman on the local news saying that there was a group of Bears fans that were giving some guy a hard time because he had lost his wife and son in Katrina. What the hell? I understand taunting fans, it goes with the territory, but that's going way overboard. Wouldn't that sort of be like telling Giants fans they were going down like the Twin Towers or something like that? As far as I've seen it's only been a local story!

I don't even want to talk about it..

Well, I'm a little sad about the Saints game (I won't start ranting about the unfair play calling). I'm still really proud of the team though. I know I have a lot of Pats fan reading this, but I was laughing when the Colts won. I'll have to pull for them, they have a lot of former LSU players.

The weekend was ok. It actually stopped raining on Saturday. Eva had a birthday to go to and it turned out to be really nice. They basically just turned the kids loose outside and all the moms hung out. I really like all of them. At every birthday party it's pretty much all the same moms that show up, so we've gotten to know each other pretty well.

Sunday....the rain came back and it's supposed to stick around until about Thursday. We didn't leave the house at all. We even skipped Sunday School, because I just couldn't deal with getting out in the rain.

About once a year, I get in this bored, restless phase and I'm just starting it right now. I spent most of the weekend prowling around looking for something to do. Throw in some insomnia and that makes for a long weekend. I'm exhausted today. However, I got some work done on the floral RR, a good bit done on LotM, and spent time playing on MySpace. I'm not a big MySpacer, I like never log in, but my cousin just made a page, so I had to look at that, then I found this girl that I went to school with that's into cross stitch, then I found my friend Darren's blog to commemorate his death, so that lead to finding a whole bunch of other people I know. It was kind of fun...a good time killer anyway.

Friday, January 19, 2007


This weather we're having is sucking the life out of me. All this week it's been cold and raining. The raining stuff isn't anything new, I swear it's been raining for 2 months, but this week it's been COLD on top of it. And fun fun it's supposed to keep raining like this until at least Monday. Although, right now we're getting that really annoying light misty rain, and Saturday night we're supposed to have real rain. Anyway, I'm really draggin'. Yesterday I fell asleep twice in the afternoon and I can't get warm!

I'm making a little more progress on LotM...not much though

I just want to warn everyone, I may not be alive on Monday. The Saints are playing Sunday and I may have a heart attack watching the game. I'm just so freaking anxious about it. Much more than I should be I think, but you know, you have to have something to look forward to. Check out local radio host Matt Kennedy's blog. He has some Saints songs posted. There's one today and a couple of more on Jan 12. Superbowl Mambo is pretty cute.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Progress Pic 2

Here's LotM after about 2 more hours...I stitched while I watched American Idol. I'm glad Paula didn't show up drunk this time. Search YouTube for some of her recent interviews, they're hilarious.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kicking Myself

I brought Lady of the Mist to work with my on Friday and forgot it not only over the weekend but last night too. However, I finished a Biscornu for an exchange. I'll have to post a picture later after my person has received it. I've been working on Renee's floral RR too. Hopefully I'll finish that up this week.

Not much else going on!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Little Update

On the MLK front, we were talking about him again yesterday and Eva told me he went around touching people. LOL I was dying laughing. My mom and I tried to explain that he touched people's lives.

On the stitching front. I finished a STRR over the weekend. This is for Jen. I'm so thankful for everyone in this RR being such good participants!

Because I'm such a wimp and just couldn't wait, I started Mirabilia's Lady of the Mist. I'm stitching it on 32 ct. Castle View Jazlyn from Silkweaver. If you're planning on stitching this too be aware that it will not fit on a 28 ct. Fat Quarter! It *just* barely makes it on a 32 ct. FQ. I have only about 1 1/2" on either side.

And for the Saints playing tomorrow night...WHO DAT??

There's a house that I have to take a picture of. Over the last several years they've sculpted a very large fantasy type scene on to the house, and recently they've painted the roof with black and gold fleur de lis and they morph into birds, and they have a huge black and gold Who Dat on one side of the roof. It's pretty cool!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Teaching Beyond Comprehension

Eva's in a Early Learning Center type daycare. She's learned a ton. In fact, there's times I think they've learned the entire Kindergarten curriculum. But sometimes, I have to wonder if they aren't teaching beyond what kids can understand. Last year, it was the Battle of Bunker Hill, and they had to draw a picture of what it meant to them. Her's was a hill with rainbows and people holding hands. It still cracks me up.

So yesterday I picked her up and she told me someone was having a birthday. I asked her who thinking it was someone in her class. She said it was someone brown from Australia. I thought she meant Tomas, who is dark skinned from South America. But no, she told me it was someone that was in jail. I'm thinking ok...who in the world is she talking about?? I asked her what his name was and she didn't know. Then she's like it's the bad man, in jail, that's brown from Antartica. Finally, I realized she she was talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. So we had to have a discussion about how he didn't go to jail (did he go to jail? because I couldn't specifically remember that) because he was bad but because he was trying to change the rules, etc. She didn't get it, so I just sort of dropped it when she changed topics of discussion. I thought it was funny though, not Australia, or Antartica, but Atlanta!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Extra Extra!!

Read all about it! Check out Stitching on the Bayou!

I finally finished the dreaded flower. Sorry Melanie, but I really didn't like this flower LOL No, I liked the flower, but I just didn't like stitching it. Anyway, it's a pattern from the DMC Club, under florals, it's the "Lis" pattern.

I may have another finish tonight or early tomorrow. I'm working on Jen's Sweetheart Tree RR and I'm about 2/3 through it.

Didn't do much else this weekend. Two of my aunts were in town from Texas and we spent Saturday with them.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Check it out

Linen and Lagniappe

Tornados, Murder and Rain Oh My!

Ok...we've had enough rain! The water was up to the roads again yesterday. That may not mean much but you have to understand we have like 10 ft. ditches around here!

2 People were killed in tornados that touched down in Iberia Parish. A man that lives near my in laws had his house destroyed. There was no confirmed tornado there. It was probably a mircoburst. We went through one of those a few years ago and it was pretty terrifying. I couldn't imagine what a tornado would be like.

This morning this headline caught my eye. It's only Jan 5 and at least 6 people have been murdered in New Orleans already. That city is dying on the vine and I have to wonder if it'll ever make it back. They had a press conference about how the murder rate was lower than it had been in a really long time. However, if you compare it on a per capita basis it was like 4 times higher than any other city. And they wonder why tourism hasn't come back and why the citizens won't return.

It just won't die

I thought this was pretty funny

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Geaux Tigers!!!

Congratulations on winning the Sugar Bowl!! What a fantastic game! Barring any injuries I think Jamarcus Russell is going to have a bright future, despite the fact that my dad thinks he's a dumbass. I just love that they did so well.

Now, on to you LSU fans, LOL, just get over Nick Saban. I mean seriously, do you think the man sat around wondering the best way to screw LSU? After hearing the owner of the Dolphins last night, I suspect they encouraged him to take the Alabama deal. And how many people do you think can pass up $35 million? So just deal with it and look forward to November 3 when LSU will trounce all over "Goddamn Alabama".

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Saturday we got like 6" of rain in about 3 hours. Everything was so flooded, but most of the flooding receeded by the next morning. What's expected tonight and into tomorrow? Another 5" of rain! They've already posted flash flood watches for tomorrow! And can you believe we're still in a drought? LOL

We didn't do anything special for New Year's. Fireworks are legal where I live and there are a great many places that pop up this time of year to buy them. So at about 8 pm everyone started shooting their fireworks. It was pretty cold that night, in addition to everything still being soaking wet. So we got a bunch of blankets and pillows and we all got bundled up and laid out in the back of the pick up truck and watched the fireworks. It was pretty fun. Everyone had to outdo each other so we got a pretty good show. I actually got everyone to go to bed fairly early so I stayed up and watched movies and stitched. It was a nice night.

New Year's Day I spent at the cross stitch store. We all brought food so we ate and stitched and had a very nice time.

I'm hoping to finish that RR soon! Pray for me! LOL