Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm freakin out!!

First, let me say Thank You Stasha!! She sent me a lovely package :)

Now, Christmas is going to be here way too soon. I don't have time to do everything I want/need to do. Plus, Eva's birthday is going to be here soon. So, I'm working on a To Do list. And I have started planning, and even started some Christmas shopping. I think I'm going to put my To Do list on my side bar but so far I have...

-Confirm Spacewalk rental with Lindsey's (I can't do that until at least the 4th because someone has reserved it for the day I want it, but as of Tuesday she hadn't paid) It's a really cool one, Disney Princess Castle. I'd link it, but they have a really annoying website.

-Get party supplies for the birthday party, think of some games for the kids to play, find and order a cake (E wants chocolate), and get her birthday present (a new sheet set for her bed, as my parents are buying her a new mattress and box spring)

-Stitch Kate's Christmas Present. I'm going to do another Hinzeit Princess for her. I had ordered an extra one by accident. That should only take a couple of days.

-Finish my Mirabilia Round Robin Layout and my section on it.

-Do more work on my Mother's Tree

-Find and work on something for my grandmother for Christmas. I noticed had some new Rooster patterns, so that might work.

-Figure out what I'm going to get for my parents, my sister, my grandfather, aunts, James (although we'll probably do a family gift rather than individual gifts) and anyone else I think of between now and then.

-Dig out the Christmas Cards and get them ready for mailing (I stocked up last year at the after Christmas Sales)

I think that's all I can think of so far....It'll be a constantly changing list I think.

I have started my Christmas shopping for the girls. I ordered several things from Amazon which should be in next week. I got Lauren and Maria the Baby Bratz Twinz, I think those are so perfect for them. And I felt lazy doing this last year, but now I feel pretty good about it. We had to get a fake Christmas tree so the kids wouldn't eat the pine needles. So, last year, I took the more fragile ornaments off and put the entire tree in the garage when Christmas was over. So now this year, I just have to dust it off and put it back in the living room. LOL I'll probably let the girls rearrange it, but otherwise it won't be a huge hassle. Ok...everything will be under control...I just need to calm down.

Actually, the thing that got me riled up in the first place, was Tom Benson (NO Saints owner)...again. He sent an email to the NFL stating that he would not attend any Saints games that take place in Baton Rouge. He would not set foot in Tiger Stadium. He felt like he and his family were threatened. Ummmm hello? He's the one that attacked a camera man and got in a shouting match with a fan. Go! Go now! Good riddance to bad garbage.


Jenny said...

I just posted in my blog that I need to stitch something for my grandma for Christmas too! I'm also feeling a bit stressed with everything I need to do between now and Christmas!

Tracy said...

Please relax about Christmas...You are totally stressing me out because if YOU are stressing out... I should REALLY be stressing out. Aren't you the CALM one?????? LOL.