Thursday, June 30, 2005

How much can it rain in an hour?

A ton! In this picture is the bayou that runs behind my house. Ordinarily it is so small and so shallow (about 2 feet across and a foot deep) that you can't see it from the back door. There's a small drop off on our side so when it floods it goes the other way, fortunately. This is what it looked like after an hour of rain this afternoon.

That's about 30 feet across and there were tree branches that went zipping by from time to time.

I was pretty mad about the, I'm really mad at the contractor building two houses on the other side of my neighbor. They've completely blocked the ditch in front of our house so it doesn't drain. I called public works and mosquito abatement about 2 weeks ago about this problem. I got an immediate response from the mosquito guys the last time I called. They came out at 7 am the very next morning, not only did they treat the ditch they also treated around the house so they would stay away from the house. Those people get West Nile phobia. I don't know if public works ever actually came out or not. So this afternoon when I get home, I see they came in and dumped another load of dirt in what little bit was left of the ditch. I was so pissed. I called public works again and she promised me they'd be out in the morning. If the people working on that house were ever actually there I'd give them a piece of my mind, but they're like house elves or something. A little work gets done every now and then, but you never see them there.

Anyway, the rain is good for some things. Check out how curly Lauren's hair got.

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