Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of July Weekend Recap

Wow! What a weekend it has been. Let's see...Friday T and M came over for stitching and that was fun. I actually got some stitching done! I'm hoping we can make it a somewhat regular thing.

Saturday morning we took all three girls swimming at the health club. That was an adventure. Lauren was a lot more adventurous than Maria. I think they both had fun though. That was their first time going to the big pools. They have a very nice wading pool for the kids. It has little slides and fountains and it varies in depth. After that I got to go to my LNS for an afternoon of stitching while J took the kids home. Soooo nice! I stayed for like 4 hrs. And I didn't have my RR with me so I ended up starting something new (Elizabeth Designs Nature Alphabet on 40 ct.). That night around 6 pm we got a huge storm and ended up losing power for 3 hrs. No fun having no air conditioning and three kids that don't understand what's going on. So we drove around, went to Sonic, and drove around some more waiting for the power to come back on.

Sunday J took Eva to a water park for the day. Lauren, Maria and I just hung out at home and played and stitched. So, I'm nearly done with my Sherrin RR. I just have to do the backstitching and I'll be done. Hopefully for tomorrow. I just watched the news and it looks like we're going to get hit by Tropical Storm #3 on Wednesday. I need to get all my mailings out tomorrow.

Today, we went to a party at our friend Ron's house. He goes all out every year. He just went way overboard this year. He did door prizes this year. I got two bird baths, J got a hose nozzle assortment and car ramps. For the kids he did Christmas in July. They got all kinds of stuff. Blow up chairs and beds, Fisher Price Little People, those animal flashlights (2 each so we now have 6), toothbrushes, hair bows, my little ponies, purses, some kind of pool party thing, oh and play doh just what we don't need! And every one was issued a water gun so now we have 3 water guns of the super soaker variety. So we had a lot of fun and the food was great.

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