Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mama called the doctor...

And the doctor said...I'm not going deaf. I had my appointment with the audiologist and he said that the hearing problems I'm having are due to my ears not being totally healed. The ENT confirmed that there's still a lot of inflammation, but no sign of infection or fluid build up.

Ezboard is still crapped out, but there are signs of improvement.

My ebay auctions are going well.

Some of you may be grossed out by this, but I thought it was so funny. L & M were eating some ice cream last night and they were licking it off of each other's faces. They were so cute! They thought it was hilarious!

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Tracy said...

That is freaking so cute! What a riot! Do you have a video camera? You have to get that on film.

P.S> Glad to hear your are not going deaf either :))