Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend Recap

Wow! What a full weekend we had! Saturday we went to a baby shower for one of Eva's teachers. I gave her that Sweetheart Tree baby sampler. I got the appropriate amount of Ooohing and Aaahing. LOL Then Saturday night we went to my grandparents for a BBQ for Father's Day.

My grandmother got a new dog, Gracie. There's a bit of backstory to that. She had bought a miniature Manchaster from a breeder in Houston last week. My aunt was there for a horse show and picked him up. While she was at the pet store buying supplies for him, there was a couple there with a dog up for adoption that they had found on side the road. She couldn't resist her, so they adopted her too. Jake, the Manchester, was delivered this morning, so now they have 2 dogs. I really like Gracie, very sweet, very loving, and doesn't bark. Jake, I think is going to have to grow on me. He's a bit of a barker.

Sunday we went to a wedding at Hemingbough. It was very nice. They had peacocks roaming the grounds and during the ceremony they kept making all this racket. If you've never heard a peacock the closest sound I could think of was cats in heat. The food was very good. I asked J if it was weird that we were on a plantation and everybody attending the wedding was white and all the staff were black.

Then when we got home I went to the store and got J a giant cookie cake and picked him up dinner at his favorite restaraunt. Eva made a big production out of the cookie cake and insisted that we put candles on it and sing Happy Birthday. So, I guess he had a good Father's Day.

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Susan said...

What a lovely place for a wedding!