Monday, June 06, 2005


Today is my 5 year anniversary. That just seems hard to believe. On one hand it feels like this time has gone by so fast, and on the other it seems like he was always there. Even to the point when I bring up things that happened in my past he has to remind me that he didn’t know me then. I’ve noticed that he’s done it a few times to and I’ll have to remind him he did that with some other woman. LOL Our relationship seems like it’s going well. Some nice highs, no real lows. We had a great weekend to celebrate. No going out, but some fantastic steak dinners! J is mostly a hamburger guy, but when he goes fancy, he goes all out!

It’s weird though, whenever our anniversary rolls around I inevitably think of all the other relationships that could have been. There are 2 that I thought were so important at the time. Turns out they were completely insignificant, I had to even think to remember their names. There’s another though, at the time it was just nothing, a fling maybe, but not even that. There was nothing even there to end, we both just drifted away, and he’s the one that I always wonder “what if” about. Funny how that happens.

Another stormy weekend and more on the way today. Sunday morning we went for a walk at 8 am and it had just finished raining. It was like a steam room, you couldn’t even breathe properly. At 8 am! I’m so sick of the hot weather and it’s only the beginning of June. There’s still like 4 months of this weather.

Stitching has not been going well. I haven’t stitched in days. I tried yesterday and got about 2 dozen stitches in. In a slump I guess. I’m hoping to get myself motivated again, by starting a gift for a friend. Hmmmm, thinking of that, I need to get working on my Secret Stitcher scissor fob.

I got our first Netflix delivery Friday. I watched Mean Girls. It was cute. A little more serious than I originally thought, but El had warned me about that. Oh, and I’ll admit, I watched Dancing With the Stars. Yes, I’m a loser. What’s up with Joey McIntyre? He looks like he’s drunk or stoned or just woke up after being drunk or stoned. He did dance well though, but he was already somewhat experienced with that. Evander Holyfield, he was hot. That’s all I can say about that without getting all giggly.

All this lack of internet connection is driving me crazy. At home it’s sporadic because Cox is upgrading their wiring. The guy mentioned something about nodes or nodules or something and how changing those could be interfering with my access. At work we don’t have it this morning because their equipment got struck by lightning or a power surge or something. So, my boredom this morning is the reason for this super long entry.

I was pretty disappointed that my babysitter (aka Mom) was out of town this weekend. I really wanted to go to the Pimps N Hos (how do you spell that?) party at one of the local strip clubs. LOL Kidding! I was curious to know what a Pimps N Hos party was though. Do you dress up? Are those the only people allowed? Reading their signs is one of the highlights of my drive home. When you cross the parish line there’s 3 or 4 strip clubs clustered in one little area and they seem to try to outdo each other with their clever signs which change daily. I am easily amused.

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Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary! It's my mom and Chuck's anniversary today too. They have been married 7 years. By the way.. I LOVE "Dancing With The Stars" is my new show for the summer! I have always loved those ballroom dancing shows and I don't care how stoned or whatever Joey Mac looks.. he has been my man since I was 12 and YOU know that... lol. Also I LOVE Rachel Hunter... her partner is so stuck on himself though it is hilarious!