Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Disaster has befallen Ezboard. It was the target of a malicious hacker and now all the boards are screwed up, including my board Just Plain Chat. We lost some posts, but not too bad. Mainly I can't post, some threads I can't even open. It looks like it will be several days before Ezboard knows if they'll be able to rectify the situation.

You'd think that would give me more stitching time. No. I've been screwing around on Ebay. I'm about to sell my breast pump for more than I bought it for LOL I think I'm going to start listing some DVDs. The post office has priority boxes that are perfect sized for DVDs. We have a bunch of DVDs that we don't watch anymore. They've been packed in a box since we moved over a year ago.

Let's see what I can do to kill some time....

From the Weather Goddess
25 Most Asked Stitching Questions:

1. How old were you when you started cross stitching?
I remember doing it when I was little, maybe 9 or 10. I didn't start really stitching until I was about 19. My first big piece was Annmarie's Wedding Sampler. Thinking back on it, it probably looks horrible.

2. Who taught you to cross stitch?
My mom taught me the basics. I've taught myself from there.

3. What inspired you to begin cross stitching?
Mostly boredom. I can't just sit and watch TV. I feel like I need to be doing something else. Stitching is good for that. Also, it makes for good presents.

4. What has been your most difficult cross stitch piece?
Hmmm...maybe Lanarte's The Bride. The chart was hand drawn and that's always a challenge to figure out. It used about 15 different shades of ecru, light tan, eggshell, taupe, etc. It got difficult to figure out where I was at some points.

5. Do you have friends that stitch?
I have a bunch of online friends. Then, I have my Tuesday night stitching group, if I ever make it back. Plus, my aunts Debbie and Pam stitch.

6. What is your favourite stitched piece?
That's tough. Maybe Santa's Magic or Lady of the Flag.

7. What is your favorite fabric?
32 ct. anything. Lugana and Linen are preferred, but I've been stitching on Jobelan lately and it's not as bad as I remember.

8. What is your favorite fiber?
Vicki Clayton silks. Reasonable prices, pretty colors.

9. What is your favorite needle?
John James Petites size 26

10. Do you prefer black & white or colored charts?
Black and white is best!

11. How many Works In Progress do you have at this time?
Let's not go there.

12. How many UFO's do you have at this time?
Ummm, I don't have anything I don't intend to finish at this time. I got rid of a few several months ago.

13. How many cross stitch charts/kits/mags do you own?
Probably hundreds. I've never counted. Actually, probably not that many. Maybe more than 100, but less than 200.

14. How much fabric do you have in stock at this time?
An obsene amount. I was going through a fabric phase for awhile and I acquired a lot. I have one of those large 20 gallon rubbermaid boxes overflowing with fabric. I do use it though!

15. Where is your favorite place to stitch?
In my chair at home.

16. What is your favorite time of day to stitch?
Late at night after everyone else has gone to bed.

17. How many pieces have you stitched in your lifetime?
It looks like I have about 54 in my Picturetrail Album. There's probably 3 or 4 more that I don't have pictures of.

18. Do you give your stitched pieces away?
Yes, but not all. I've been trying to keep more of them.

19. How many different fibers do you have in stock at this time?
A lot. Remember the Fabric Phase? Now I'm in a Fiber Phase. I've bought so much thread lately.

20. How many pairs of scissors do you own?
Only 2 pairs of good one. My favorite are my Black Ginghers. I have a ton of scissors tough. I buy the cheapo ones a lot.

21. Do you use stitching enhancers (lights, scroll frames...etc)?
I use a variety of q-snaps. At home I use an ott lite.

22. How many pieces that have been stitched but not yet framed or finished off in some other way do you have at this time?
I have 2 that I know of. Wintery Mix and a little peacock.

23. Do you have a craft/stitching room?
No. I have a walk-in closet though.

24. Why do you stitch?
It's a stress reducer. I like the sense of accomplishment that it gives me. It also makes me feel productive when I'm just sitting around.

25. What is your most memorable time related to cross stitching?
I guess Eva helping me. She likes to pull the thread through. I can't think of anything really outstanding.

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