Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Simple Pleasures

Ok, I've been bad. No posts in a whole week and I promised myself I'd do better than that. Not much was going on during the week then over the weekend I had little to no internet connectivity.

This weekend was pretty good. We had my mom's birthday party on Saturday. It was nice. She wants me to stitch this for her. It's stitching up fairly quick, but I haven't been working on it a lot. It's just not really interesting. I did finish Wintery Mix. It's not to wintery feeling, so I left the snowflake charm off the center. I'm going to find something else to put there instead. Maybe a bee or dragonfly or flower or something.

James took all the kids to his parent's house Sunday. I had the whole day to myself. It was so nice. I slept almost all afternoon. It was all stormy so it was a perfect day to sleep. I'm one of those weirdos that loves when it rains.

I've been listing a bunch of stuff for sale on Ebay. I've been doing quite well, so I'm pleased. It would be better if I'd transfer the money to my bank account and use it to pay bills rather than buying more stuff. I have been buying stuff for my Secret Stitcher, so that's a good justification. Speaking of such, I got my Secret Stitcher package this weekend. I got Patricia Ann's Silver Frost Sampler. While you can't really tell from the picture it's loaded with metallic threads and beads. She also sent me a Classic Stitches magazine with a peacock pattern and a sampler pattern that is just gorgeous. I'm going to have to stitch it, but tracking down the threads for it might be a bit difficult. Most of them are European and South African threads and there just aren't very many affordable sources in the US for those.

Let's see what else, Eva finally got a hair cut and she's starting with her new teacher today. I also finally got to see her ride her bike. She's doing surprisingly well, much better than I had expected.

Oh, and I saw Star Wars III this weekend. I thought it was pretty good. I had to go by myself of course. James hates Star Wars. I feel really bad for Anakin. It makes me not think Darth Vader is an absolute evil anymore.

Hmmm...the boards are down today and I've never seen them look they way that they do. It's making me a little nervous. Hopefully it'll all be corrected soon.

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Tracy said...

Congratulations on your Saturday alone! Good for you! What a hubby! I enjoy the rain when I am nappping myself but I am getting really freaking sick of it lately.