Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Recap

Friday nights are usually my night to be at home with the kids, while James does his thing. It's been that way for years and I look forward to being able to catch up with what I want to watch and I usually stay up late stitching. I was sorely disappointed to find that my NF movies hadn't shown up. Then I had nothing on the DVR. How does that happen?? I had to actually watch television with commercials.

Saturday Eva and I did the grocery shopping. Fun! We had a party to go to in the afternoon so I picked up new outfits for the girls. At the party everyone kept talking about how tall Kate was and I'm sitting there thinking hello? Eva's only two weeks older than her and she's a head taller. In fact, this one lady overheard me saying she was four and she told me that she thought she was like a second grader. There was this other little girl there and she and Eva were the same size so I asked her how old she was and she was seven. I have a giant 4 year old LOL That's ok, she's healthy, cute, smart and well behaved. Lauren and Maria couldn't have been any better at the party. They had no qualms with all the people there and they played well. Everyone just gushed over them, so that made me happy. I was the one that did something stupid. I backed in to a buffet (like a china cabinet thingy) and it had a REALLY sharp corner. I was standing there in the food line trying not to cry it hurt SOOOOO bad. I have this really nice huge bruise on my butt. I still can't get over how much that hurt. I got a nap when we came home and then stayed up after everyone went to sleep and watch The Fog (it was ok) and Mind Hunters (pretty good) and stitched.

Sunday, not much, I got another nap (yay! It had been a long week). We just hung out. Did laundry and some stitching. I'm nearly done with my TWRR beginning, just some more backstitching and a few more evil Lazy Daisies. Here's a pic.

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Jenny said...

That's a great start on your RR Autumn. I'm going to be poking my nose into that forum from time to time to see how gorgeous everyone's pieces turn out. :)