Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Video Games

When I was young, I used to really like to play video games. We're talking some of the original games like Frogger on Commodore 64 and the original Super Mario Brothers on plain ole Nintendo. Then there was a period of time when I didn't play them. When I tried to start again, everything had gone super graphics and 3-D and beyond having trouble figuring out how to actually play the games, they made me really sick just to look at the screen. So that was pretty much then end of my video game experience.

For Christmas we got Eva one of those joysticks things with the games in it so you didn't need some sort of game console. We played with it for the first time last night and it was fun! Easy to use, easy games (sort of, some I thought were hard for little kid level), and graphics that didn't make me want to hurl. There's a slot in the joystick for other game cartridges so I'll have to check that out, or maybe buy another one for the living room TV with other type games.

Hmmm....thinking about it, I don't need anymore distractions! LOL


annmarie said...

I agree with you. Buddy got the atari flashback, that has 40 games in a console with two joysticks. We had Intellivision when we were little and I got a controller you plug into the tv. I found out they have a Playstatio game that has most of the games on it.

Gill said...

We bought one of those too, for my BIL!

tkdchick said...

Autumn, I'm right there with you! I had a Colecovison and a original Nintendo. I loved Frogger, Q-Bert, Donkey-Kong, Mario Brothers, Zelda and more.

I find I don't have the patience for the games these days, but Todd loves them!