Friday, January 06, 2006

Dancing with the Stars

Well, I watched it last night. I missed the first two couples, but that's alright. I thought the wrestler chick was pretty good, very graceful. I also like that journalist, I can't remember her either. The sports announcer was a fool, but he might get better. Ok, now, I have to say that Master P doesn't dance for me. LOL I realize he only had a week to prepare so I can cut him a lot of slack. But hello? Can the man not afford a tailor? The pants were way too long. The clothes he wears makes him look bigger than he is. And those shoes looked like Scuba flippers. He didn't look like he was even trying, like he was too cool or something. Jerry Rice cracked me up, he did a fairly good job and I think once he gets more comfortable he'll be better. He's got really long arms. When he'd do his arm extensions it was like they wouldn't even fit in the camera shot. Speaking of camera shots, was the shooting terrible or was that just me? It was like they didn't know where they were going or what camera they were supposed to be on. I realize it's a live show, but so are things like the Superbowl and they pull off that without a problem.

I also watched 4 Kings, and I thought it was fairly cute. And I managed to get in CSI. They seem to be really reaching lately. I realize there are only so many crime drama plots to go around, but it's all been the same. I think for that show they need to get a little more into the character's personal lives. Like why did Nick grow a mustache and then shave it off? Is Warrick still happy with his marriage? Is Sarah still screwed up?

Well I finished Jen's butterfly (mine is the bottom left). I'm working on Sandi's house for the Stitcher's Lane RR. I didn't feel like pulling the threads for Kathy's piece last night. The house is a big ole house that was originally blue, but I felt like I needed to convert it to another color since her fabric is blue. I decided to make it purple. I think it's going to end up looking like Anne Rice's house.


annmarie said...

I watched it too. Their camera work was awful. There was one shot that showd the dancers through the backs of people.

Stasha said...

Did you know that the CSI fan site complains about the one writer who is always insistent that all men are rapists and molestors. At won point it looked like the episode was going to go that way. I do feel sorry for the sister. I would have loved to have that episode end with the girlfriend moving in with the sister.