Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Autumn Needs

Summer posted a fun google exercise. Search for "(your name) needs" and pick your best 10

1. Autumn needs a home where people will be with her - she has severe separation anxiety.
2. Autumn needs a 4 hour blood transfusion daily just to save her life
3. Autumn needs no muse
4. Autumn needs a warm conservatory
5. Autumn needs a bass player badly (male or female)
6. Autumn needs your help
7. Autumn needs some slow conditioning work since she's been in the pasture for a while.
8. Autumn needs to come defend herself and whoop some butt
9. Autumn needs a new slogan, any suggestions?
10. Autumn, needs to focus and dowhat he does best, run past people with ball in hand

Ah, that was fun. I particularly like 7 and 8. Apparently, someone else named Autumn did the same exercise, I saw the link to the post in my search.

Think I need a new slogan? I don't have an old one....

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