Thursday, January 26, 2006

January Goals Revisited

From December :

My official January Goals are:
Complete and mail out my Mirabilia RR (this will be done by Jan. 3)
Complete and mail out Jen's OT RR (I have pattern picked out, I just need to pull threads)
Complete and mail out Kathy's OT RR (I need to look over the available patterns)
Complete and mail out Sandy's SL RR (I think I'm changing my mind on the pattern I picked out)
Start next Mirabilia RR
Work on any other RR pieces that come up
Finish Dimensions Kit

So the Dimensions kit is going to be pushed to next month's goals. I started and finished the next Mira RR. I started and finished and mailed out the Band Sampler RR for this month. I sort of forgot about that one. I've started the TWRR and I suspect I may finish it before the end of the month.

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