Thursday, January 12, 2006

Autumn needs a Cow Quilt

A few weeks ago my friend Misty contacted me about a quilt project she was doing with her online friends. Everyone would stitch a square for her and she'd make it into a quilt. I love the idea and I must confess I was a little jealous :)

Then I saw a post with one of these French Cows. I just thought they were so hilarious. I started thinking that since they're all the same size they would be great for a quilt. Then the light went on and I realized I could ask all my online stitchy friends if they would be so kind as to stitch a square for me. Everyone could pick a cow that reflected their personality and I could wrap myself up in a quilt made of love from my friends.

So, dear stitchers, if you'd like to make a cow for me, I'd be so appreciative.

The particulars are:
-It has to be stitched on 14/28 ct. white fabric, you can use your own or I can send some to you.
-The fabric has to be at least 7" square (I'm making 6" blocks)
-You can sign your name (and location) anyway you like just as long as it stays within the 6" block)
-Let me know which one you'd like to stitch so I can make sure there aren't too many duplicates. Several are ok, because I was thinking depending how many I get I might make a coordinating pillow. Or I can just make sure they aren't close together on the quilt.
-You can also design your own cow if you can't find one that you like.
-My deadline is September 1, 2006 (that's so my mom can get the quilt done by my birthday, hopefully lol)

For informational purposes, the ones that are already being stitched are: Geisha, Strawberry, Giraffe, Pumpkin, and the Plain Ole Cow

My email address is autumn.crochet at gmail dot com

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Susanne said...

What an awesome idea!! If I could stich, i'd make you one! A cat one would be really cool too :-) I cant wait to see the final picture!!