Sunday, January 08, 2006


Tracy sent me some terrible news this morning. However, I can't say I was really surprised to read it. This man was our advisor for the student radio/tv station. At the time he was all into the boys. Took them on little special trips, bought them all kinds of crap, etc. So eventually Kristen and I wrote him a letter and said that we thought his behaviour was inappropriate. Now, everyone thought we did it because we were jealous and wanted to join in. For my part, that definately wasn't the case. I felt like he shouldn't be doing that sort of stuff, outside of school, with students. Anyway, he got all defensive, showed it to the prinicipal, then resigned. We got in trouble with the principal and of course, Kristen and I were like pariahs because we made the wonderful Mr. Magno quit. Well, of course he came back, obviously he couldn't stay away. Now it makes me really sad because all of that didn't make him stop treating the certain groups of kids that he picked any differently and it bothers me that even with all that happened then the administration of the school didn't make him stop. Not only didn't make him stop, but let him come back for what? The third time? I just wonder how many other kids might come forward. In my heart of hearts I really feel like it was going on when I was there, with people that I know.


Gill said...

How awful! But at least you know that you did the right thing when you wrote to him despite what others thought at the time!

Mike said...

I do have to say, that was a great post.

If I had known that happendthen, I would've thought the same were jealous. Now, I see what you were getting at. The man, as sad as it is, opened himself up for this kind of thing.

I do, however, believe he's innocent until proven guilty though. I can't count the times, he took myself, and my buddies, Nick and Chris out to the arcade or the movies. Never EVER EVER was this even on anyone's mind.

He'd hand us 20 bucks in quarters and say, "have at it" when we went to the arcade. Then he'd sit on the bench and hang out, while we went off into the arcade.

When we went to the movie theater, we'd have a great time. Most of the time we'd talk about station stuff.

It's really hard to think of him as another Michael Jackson or something.

I have heard through the grapevine,(nothing incredibley concrete because I wasn't there), that the kid that is involved was thrown out of WAVM before all this came about.

I have faith that if Mags is innocent, he will be judged that way, and vice versa.

All eyes on the news over here.