Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More things you see driving around

There's a crossing guard, actually a traffic cop near my house. He always amuses me because he looks like a stereotypical southern sheriff. He's not the sheriff, but anyway, he's got this big ole pot belly and he wears cowboy boots and since it got cold he started wearing a cowboy hat too. He normally stands between two traffic cones and directs traffic in and out of the school in the afternoon. I noticed yesterday he had decorated his cones so that they looked like Christmas trees. I thought it was pretty cute.


Not much stitching yesterday. I finished the second line of Mother's Tree and worked more on my Mirabilia RR. I also got Kathy's RR yesterday from Kari. So, after the holidays I'm going to start/finish Jen's and Kathy's RRs and then mail it on to Kathy and that RR will be all done for me.


I'm so ready for Christmas to be here. At least Thursday, Eva has a party at school Thursday and she just can't wait to bring her little presents to school and she's kind of driving me crazy about it! Last night I let the girls decorate gingerbread men. My MIL gave them a cookie decorating kit, it came with cookies, icing, little candies and sprinkles. They were all doing really good until the sprinkles, what a mess that was! Anyway, they had fun and their cookies looked pretty interesting.

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Jenny said...

Your doing your "Mother's Tree" on 40 ct right? I'd love to see some progress pics sometime when you get a chance - I'm thinking of doing mine that way too. Also how wide did you buy your fabric?