Monday, December 05, 2005

A Ho Hum Weekend

Well, LSU lost so that sort of put a damper on things. It was a bad game. It was like the team didn't even show up. I think they're just tired. They've played for 11 straight weeks with no open dates. There were too many injuries. Anyway, they did very well in the season overall. Especially considering how the season started.

We didn't do much. James and I went shopping Saturday morning for the rest of the big Christmas stuff for the girls. My grandmother wanted to get Eva something big for Christmas since she got Lauren and Maria a really nice table and chair set for their room. I proposed a portable DVD player, but James said no way, that only spoiled rich kids had those. So my next idea was a new TV for her room. Her current TV is a monstrosity with a broken VCR. Since we rearranged her room she wants to move the TV, but we can't because it doesn't fit anywhere else. So we decided to get her a smaller TV. When we get to the store though, James starts looking at even bigger TVs. I'm like hello?? Those are what spoiled rich kids have! Anyway, we settled on a very basic 14". We got her some new movies with the leftover money and one of those joystick things with the games built in.

I need to start shopping for some stocking stuffer type things. I had a $50 office depot gift card (signing up for that Advantage card thing has really been profitable, that was my second $50 card). So I got each of the girls some crayons and markers, all washable of course LOL, and I picked up some new Leap Pad books. All three girls love that thing.

Hmmm, I had a pretty good stitching weekend. I received and finished Lisa's Band Sampler Round Robin, and then I got it mailed out this morning. I worked more on my Stitcher's Lane Round Robin that I'm starting over. I guess I'm about half done with my house. I need to start working up my letter for that one. Then I put that aside and started working on a couple of Christmas presents. One was a very basic pattern. Only 3 DMC colors on white fabric. Can I stick with that? No! I switched out the fabric and changed the thread to a rayon, a metallic and a over dyed Silk. I should finish that later tonight. Right now I'm working on a different ornament...the TW Celtic Inspiration Ornament. So far so good. If it stitches up quick, I might make a few for different people.

I guess that's about it for now!

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