Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Female Welder Walks in to a Bar

Not really, she walked into our office looking for a job. Normally, they don't even let females even try out for the job, but I guess they need some welders. She was sent out to the shop to see how skilled she is. Now my grandmother is over there fretting about how this could be a bad situation. Hello? She might be better than everyone else out there. Give our guys a little credit that they could handle working with a woman. I didn't get a look at her, but maybe she's better looking than my grandmother and that's the bad situation LOL That she won't be the cutest girl around anymore LOL Anyway, this has been amusing. Oh she just came in again. She's fairly decent looking.

Amongst all this my grandmother is freaking out about all these bills that are supposedly not in the computer. Well, they are. I can see them. She's just not looking hard enough, but I can tell she's trying to act like it's my fault or something.

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Stasha said...

Some of the best welders at Young Electric Sign (the people who bring you Vegas) are women. Women do very well at TIG.