Monday, December 12, 2005


The weekend was ok, nothing exciting. I was going to post some pictures, but apparently Picturetrail is having issues this morning. I got some pictures of Lauren and Maria in their Christmas dresses. They would never sit for professional pictures. Eva got her school Christmas pictures in and I think they look really good even if she isn't wearing any shoes. Also, I sent Kristen an ornament that I made from a pattern from Subversive Cross Stitch and I'm assuming that she's gotten it. However, the post office seems to be having issues as well because the tracking number keeps coming back as invalid. So, I'll post that picture if I ever can.

Ok, finally

Lauren and Maria (1)
Lauren and Maria (2) I like this one better, but it's a little out of focus.
Ornament (warning adult language)


Jenny said...

I can never get Katie to sit for a picture any more either - even at home. For our Christmas cards I ended up using a pic from Sept of her and Alex together. It's a cute pic and doesn't seem too outdated until you notice that both kids are in shorts. :)

Tracy said...

Girls= Adorable

Kristen's ornament=PRICELESS!

I love it!!!

Kristen said...


That ornament is awesome! I haven't recieved it yet, but I ill definitely keep an eye out for it.

The girls are gorgeous!

Sandra said...

Love the ornament! Your girls are adorable. Where did you find that pattern?

Autumn said...

Kristen-I'm really sorry that you haven't gotten it yet. I mailed it priority on 12/6, I really thought you would have gotten it by Friday or Saturday

Sandra-The pattern is from