Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Check In

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday night I stayed up to get all the Christmas presents ready. I was pretty pleased how it all turned out. It looked very nice. Eva woke up at about 7 am and looked at everything and then got in bed with me. Once James woke up, she said "Let's wake up the babies!" Then it was like an explosion at the toy factory. They all seemed to be pretty happy with what they got.

We went to church with my parents who are Baptist, although we're Catholic. We decided to do that since I knew my parents would like it and we knew it would be easier to get a seat as their congregation only has about 30 members and our parish has several thousand. It wasn't a real service, it was mostly singing and the preacher did a short sermon. It was nice, but I told James I'd rather not do that because it didn't feel right. I think that repetitiveness of the Catholic mass is comforting. Plus, I much prefer traditional Christmas music and at my parents church there's a husband and wife who do the music there and they're sort of countrified.

Then it was on to my grandparents for lunch. I won't even begin to vent about my frustration at people who do not show up at the designated time even though they have much of the food.

We went home and cleaned the house, then went to my parents house. More present opening there! The girls got so much stuff. Although, their house got really messy and there were a lot of people there. That really stresses me out. So we left and I was so thankful that we had cleaned the house before going there. I think if I had to come home to a messy house after that I probably would have had a meltdown or something.

Anyway, it was a good Christmas overall. I bought myself some good presents. Eva got a ton of stuff and everything she wanted. Lauren and Maria made it through the day in good spirits and between the two of them got more toys than they could probably ever play with. They got a table and chairs for their room that is just wonderful. They played tea party with their new tea set. It was so cute.


On the stitching front, I did finish names 1-4 on Mother's Tree. My goal is to have #5 done today. My plan is to work on that until Dec. 30 to enter it in the Silkweaver showcase, then switch back to my Mira RR. After that's mailed out I'm going to work on my other RRs. I'll catch up! I will!


Other little tidbits from the weekend:

The LSU Tigers were trying to leave for Atlanta for the Peach Bowl and their plane got stuck in the mud. They had to wait for another plane to show up and they were 5 hours late. That's not a good omen. That and the fact that the starting Quarterback got hurt at the last game and isn't playing.

There's some weird phenomenon going on in St. Bernard Parish. There are watermelons growing all over the Parish. They don't normally grow this time of year. Something happened during Katrina and the seeds got spread all over the parish and there's something that's making them grow even though this isn't when they normally grow. Although, they are asking people not to eat the Katrina Melons.

And Congratulations to Tracy!!


Jenny said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas except for a few bumps with the relatives. Hope your New Years goes well too. :)

Kristen said...

I happy to hear y'all had a great Christmas and the girls got everything they had wanted!

Tracy said...

So cute what Eva said... "let's wake up the babies..." How very sweet. I am glad you had a great Christmas!