Friday, September 09, 2005

Where's the Duct Tape When You Need It??

My head nearly blew up yesterday watching the news. They showed all these protestors in Washington demanding that President Bush help the Hurricane Victims. Ok dumbasses, he's sending billions and billions of dollars. What SPECIFICALLY would you have him do? And what are YOU doing?? Couldn't your efforts be better placed directly helping the victims yourselves?? Lord forbid they dirty their Birkenstocks.


Lil said...

You asked a question, so here's an answer from someone.

My take: I think that people are picketing because they want some sign from the Bush administration that he truly cares. I don't think that my boss cared for me when she signed the check to repair our office after a tropical storm. She had to. It was her job, and not even her money. No, signing his name on a check that doesn't come out of his pocket is not "care and concern". It's doing his job. Speaking of care, I don't care if Brown is doing a good job. To me it's totally irrelevant...but for Bush to clap him on the back and say he's doing a great job when people are dying, that's inappropriate. He should have held his tongue. People are dying... even if he does really believe it, even if Brown is doing a good, great, no bang-up job... for crying out loud, people are dying. Hold off on the pompom waving.

If the people had gotten the message that he cared, they wouldn't be picketing. What can he do? At the least he can tell his mother to keep her "beautiful mind" and the thoughts she has to herself. No one who is truly suffering and poor wants to hear "Let them eat cake" from a rich politician's wife/mommy. He can try and be more humane in the words he chooses, and perhaps, just perhaps, stop talking about rich senators and how he will sit on their beautiful new balcony after rebuilding. (Lott) It's not too much to ask when others are suffering so.

You prepared. Everyone else should have been able to, too, you imply. Well, if you do actually believe that, then that includes the Feds. One would think, knowing for days, that someone at the top levels would have done something...

well, that's a matter for the investigation. But let's make a bet, here and now... The only people who will suffer in the "Blame Game" is a black mayor and a democratic governor. I thought accountability always went up, up, up... but I'm sure it won't here. It will stop at the bottom, at the poorest level.

I just hope that when the next disaster comes, natural or terrorist or otherwise, everyone realizes that the Feds don't do anything unless they are ASKED.
*echoing laughter*
Phew... that really is horrid! I mean, I don't have to be asked to help a bleeding person on the side of the street. I just do it. Beacause maybe, just maybe, that person is incapable of asking.

Compassion in words and expression goes a long way. Perhaps that's what the picketers want?

Autumn said...

Ok, so to show that he cares he would have to publically humiliate his mother? I've received word that Marc Brown is being removed from the Hurricane relief project.

So what else exactly would show that he cares? He's been here in Baton Rouge and Lafayette visiting all the shelters. Cheney was here visiting the shelters. Chertoff was here visiting the shelters. Rumsfeld was here visiting the shelters. They were meeting with the victims personally.

There are laws and levels of bureaucracy that prohibit the federal government from intruding on the rights of state. That is why they have to be asked.

Anyway, I don't know where you live and I don't know what you're seeing on your news. The local picture is a lot different than the National picture.

Lil said...

I see.

mensa B said...

>There are laws and levels of bureaucracy that prohibit the federal government from intruding on the rights of state. That is why they have to be asked.
This is absolutely true, and is an easy access 'public information' for those who do not have knowledge of the chain of command which governs our States.

Also, the definition of shameful, would been to have over-looked the effort of those 'hundreds' working 24-7 to save lives in a tragedy 'of massive proportions' just because it is not hitting the mark of a desired result.
Teams of every line of expertise laid their lives on the line, in helicopters, without sleep, and with every bit of fortitude they had.... They deserve all the praise we can give them.

Amy said...

I completely agree, Autumn. My Michael-Moore loving friend (dare I attach myself to her that closely) truely believes that Bush's response to Katrina is grounds for impeachment. It really would be better I suppose if Bush were spend his days handing out water or something instead of sitting in the oval office doing the job we hired him to do. Oh, and PS I LOVE Birkenstocks. They're very comfortable and last forever.