Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's Everybody's Fault

I came to the conclusion yesterday that it's everybody's fault. No one person is to blame. We are all to blame to some degree. The people of Louisiana elected Governor Blanco, so if it's her fault, it's our fault for electing her. I believe in my heart of hearts that Jindal would have done a better job, but that's neither here nor there now. The people of New Orleans elected Ray Nagin. The entire country has basically ignored the problems of our state and failed to understand what our poor undereducated state contributed to the rest of the country. We all elected the Congress and Senate who over looked Coastline renewal and levee reinforcements. It wasn't any one President or any one particular party. We are all responsible. I'll even go so far as to blame the people of New Orleans. I've heard stories of people who walked from St. Bernard Parish to Baton Rouge. People who walked out of New Orleans to Baton Rouge. I heard a story about some famous chef who rode a bicycle from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. So why didn't more people just walk out? I hear stories about some mother who has babies and no bottles. What the hell? You KNEW you were going to be in the Superdome for at least a couple of days...why didn't you bring one? Why didn't you bring formula for that baby? They TOLD you to bring all your own food and water. We have created too much of an entitlement mentality and people just expect these things to be given to them. People are whining and moaning about why didn't the city use buses. There are cars all over New Orleans, why didn't those people just drive themselves out? Fats Domino had to be rescued, surely he had the means to get himself out and didn't. Instead of bitching at the government about why old people weren't evacuated, why not blame the hospital or nursing home, isn't that their duty, what they get paid for?

I am so sick of hearing about the failings of the government. What about taking care of yourself for a change? Granted, we had no problems, but we were well prepared if we did. We had milk for our kids, ice in the ice chests, diapers for 2 weeks, baby wipes, hundreds of gallons of water, charcoal for the grill and enough non perishable food. If something had happened would could have lasted for weeks. It would have been hot and uncomfortable, but we could have done it. We weren't able to do it because we were rich either. We filled buckets and pots and boxes with water. We froze our own ice.

I have lost all respect for the National Media and many celebrities. If you listen to them President Bush is gleefully stepping on the bodies of black people that he ordered killed. It's such a load of crap. All these celebrites are coming here and are just looking for a photo op to push whatever agenda they have. I won't add the Travoltas to that crowd because they seemed like they were trying to stay low key and didn't preach about politics and who screwed up, they seemed like they were sincerely here just to help. I am so ready to shoot all these celebrities that are going on and on about how George Bush wanted all these black people to die and anyone with a brain should have seen this coming. If you knew this was coming, and you're so wealthy, why didn't you get them out? Surely, you have the resources to charter buses or planes or helicopters or whatever. You see Cleo Fields and his damn state paid for buses and as far as I know he only went down there once to get people and that was after the storm.

This whole incident was a long time coming. I think to change this course of events changes needed to be made decades ago. The whole country took the wrong fork in the road a long time ago...and now we're paying for it.

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Shondratasha said...

Amen, Sister!!!