Saturday, September 03, 2005

Local Charities looking for Help

St. Vincent de Paul is collecting donations of school supplies and school uniforms (public schools wear uniforms here). Khaki shorts and pants of all sizes, navy blue pants of all sizes, navy blue polo shirts of all sizes, white polo shirts of all sizes. School supplies like backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencils etc. are also being sought. Their phone number is (225) 383-7837.

I don't know for certain, but I'd suspect that the 100 Black Men are doing the same thing. Their phone number is (225) 356-9444

Both are reputable organizations in the Baton Rouge area and do this every year for local children in need.

The local Salvation Army phone number is (225) 355-4635. They're collecting a great deal of supplies for a variety of places.

Again, a lot of these people need everything. People might have found a place to live, but they have no furniture, only a few outfits, and really not a lot to do and not a lot of money spend. I know the shelters need things like pillows and blankets. They need stuff for the kids to do.

Here's another site with a listing of the reputable organizations

Capital Area Animal Welfare Society is looking for donations to house all the displaced animals.


Anonymous said...

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RaucousImages said...

My wife pointed me to your blog. Thank you for the firsthand information. My wife's over at a yard sale right now, talking the woman into donating the baby/toddler clothes to be mailed out.