Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's a been a bad day already

It's only 10 am and it's been a bad day already. It took me forever to wake up because I couldn't sleep last night. I was running late and I finally get Eva in the car and I turn the key and nothing. Dead battery. It's been so hot it just killed my battery. It did my heart good to see a few other people getting their cars jumped off. Yes, I'm evil. Anyway, my Dad came over and jumpstarted it. Then I drive out of my way to work to pick up drawings. They weren't even ready. They were supposed to be ready yesterday morning. This headache I've had since Friday is getting worse to the point that I'm nauseated. The guy in the shop that's working on my battery said that it's in my fender and they have to take my car half apart to get at it.

On the plus side, he just brought me my keys back and pronounced it fixed. I got an appointment with my chiropractor so hopefully that'll help my headache. And my sister got a job so she's outta here!! I have my office all to myself now. Ah bliss.


Jenny said...

Our car battery died on Monday just when I went out to take Alex to school. We managed to jump it with our other car and get a new one put in, but now our other car is in the shop for some weird reason. It won't start, but it will turn over. Anyway, one more person having car trouble here. Hopefully the rest of your day is going better.

Tracy said...

How is it going? Is everything okay? You haven't posted in a few days. I am sorry to do this but I am tagging you. Check out my blog to see what I have tagged you with. Hope all is well. ((hugs))