Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Weekend Update

I tried going grocery shopping Sunday morning. First I went to Wal-Mart and it's still so weird. They have very little produce, what was left was over ripe and bruised. They had no meat other than huge sides of beef which we can't store or cook. They had no eggs. The freezer cases were cleared out. They only had white bread. We had to completely stock our refrigerator, which I guess everyone else did too. There wasn't much left of things like ketchup, mustard, salad dressing and mayonnaise (although there was a lot of Miracle Whip, which I guess settles that arguement) in fact I got the very last jar of regular mayo. Our normal $200+ grocery bill for the week was only about $100. Then I went to Winn Dixie. They did have eggs, and ground meat, but no chicken or any other kind of meat.

We're pretty sure Marine One passed over our house yesterday. We watched the President and First Lady take off from Baton Rouge, then we headed out to the garage. That's all the kids want to do now. Play in the pool in the garage. It was so nice out yesterday. I wondered why it could have been this nice when we lost power. Anyway, we saw a helicopter flying much higher than normal and not going in the typical NW/SE flight pattern as all the other helicopters.

Baton Rouge is seeing all kinds of famous people. Saturday it was Steve Harvey and Sean Penn. Sunday it was President and First Lady Bush, Former President Bush, Former President Clinton, and John Travolta and Kelly Preston. John Travolta flew one of his planes here full of supplies (they live in Florida, which I didn't know). They went down to the River Center to visit with the people staying there. I saw Theresa's head bobbing around near him. I got a giggle out of that. Maybe she'll come to our stitching night tonight and tell us all about it.

This morning it took me nearly 2 hours to get to work. Traffic is just unbelivably bad. Housing around here is going so fast. WJBO Matt says the 7 houses for sale in his neighborhood have all been sold. We have 2 houses that aren't complete in our neighborhood and prior to this weekend no one has even looked at them as far as I know, but James said there were several couples checking them out. I told him if I was the contractor on those houses I would have had people working all weekend getting those houses finished. I passed a house this morning that has been for sale for over a year and noticed it had finally sold. Yesterday the residents of Jefferson Parish were allowed to check out their property and remove their possessions. We saw interviews with a lot of them that said they weren't going to return. They were going to put down roots where they were. They said they just couldn't deal with the possibility of going through it all again. There are even people in Baton Rouge that are considering moving out of the area, because they can't deal with the massive population growth.

Speaking of massive population growth, I had to laugh because they're discussing all these plans for Baton Rouge for dealing with all the new residents. They once again mentioned building an interstate loop around the city. They've been talking about doing that for like 30 years and it hasn't been done. Even if they do start it today it's going to take 10 years to build it. They're talking about expanding the airport and building new roads. I know they need to strike while the iron is hot, but none of that is going to help in the short term.

I'm just so tired of it all. I know that's a really selfish attitude considering I have my family, my house, my car and my job. I am so thankful that it's tuesday. I really need my stitching group.

Oh and I'm going to try to have my stitching finishes posted today. I also finished Janet Evanovich's Eleven on Top, which was good. I started Douglas Preston's Tyrannasaur Canyon, which so far is interesting reading.


Terri said...

"I'm just so tired of it all."

Hang in there. It goes without saying it's a long road for everyone and I think that's part of what makes is all so tiring. I have been thinking so much about you.

Tracy said...

Hang in there Autumn. ((hugs))

Have you read any of the other books in Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series? There are 11 of them (thus "Eleven on Top"). They are absolutely hilarious and might provided you with some much needed comic relief right now...