Thursday, September 08, 2005

Not too much today

Although, I did come across a few websites today that were pretty interesting. They were theories about how Katrina was a manufactured storm by either Bush, the Russians, or the Japanese. It was pretty amusing.

There was a State of the City Address yesterday by the Mayor of Baton Rouge. Nothing really interesting came out of that. National Guard troops are being deployed to provide security so that the City Police can resume their normal duties. Emergency funding has been granted for traffic light synchronization. More is supposed to be coming for emergency infastructure expansion. That was about it.

FEMA is looking for large tracts of land to set up mobile home parks. Some of the richy rich are all concerned that they might put it near their neighborhood and bring down their property value. Personally, with the extrememly tight real estate market in Baton Rouge, I don't think that's something they really need to be concerned about. I'm more concerned about the load on the schools and roads wherever they put them.

Speaking of the load on schools. James didn't get home until like 10:30 last night because he was at a School Board meeting trying to figure out what they were going to do. In New Orleans only the absolute poorest of the poor went to public schools. Nearly everybody goes to private schools. So, a lot of the private schools here are working in conjunction with various private schools in New Orleans to honor their tuition. They're going to be doing second shifts 3-9 pm. That's gotta be rough. I asked James if that's what the public schools were going to be doing. He didn't know, it depended on how many kids sign up for school. I think my hope for getting Eva in to Kindergarten next year is going to be dashed. Oh well.

I finished Tyrannasaur Canyon by Douglas Preston last night. It was ok. It was a little slow. If it was a movie the whole thing would probably be about an hour. It was a good story though, but I think more could have been added.

I need to get back in my stitching mode and out of my reading mode. I have so much to do and I just can't get in the mood to do it.

The weather here has been fabulous. The only bad thing is that the humidity is finally out of the 95% range and more in the 50% range and my skin is getting really dry. Someone mentioned that the evacuees that were sent to the Southwest were given lip balm and lotion for that reason. It's getting so much cooler here though. We're out of the upper 90's and down in the lower 90's. It's amazing how much difference that makes.

LSU football starts this weekend. The home game is being played in Arizona. I think the first real home game is supposed to be on the 24th. I still don't see how they're going to get things cleared out in time. The Saints supposedly want to play all their home games at Tiger Stadium. That makes me a little nervous. I don't want Saints cooties to rub off on the Tigers. Although, if they start losing that would be a good excuse for Les Miles to use. LOL That's not nice. I still just don't get how they're going to handle that if they do it though. You're going to have 90,000 people there on Saturday for the LSU game and then another 90,000 come in the very next morning for the Saints? Although, I guess with away games and open dates that might not happen every weekend. I think if the Saints are willing to fork over a ton of money to do it, LSU should probably take advantage of it.

Anyway, I guess that's about it. I'm going to be cleaning out our closets this weekend. We have so much that we can donate. I've been debating where to bring it.

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Shondratasha said...

My MIL would have bought the manufactured storm theory...