Monday, September 19, 2005

So much for Hurricane Preparedness

So we listened to 2 hours of the meteorologists and climatologists explain what would have to happen for Louisiana to be impacted by Rita. How it was very likely that this particular chain of events would happen. And how this storm has the potential to be huge and it's effects will be felt over a huge area, much like Katrina being a problem for 3 states (well 4 including Florida on the first pass). Then the Governor got on and asked for everyone to get prepared just in case. I felt really bad because she was telling the people in Vermillion and Cameron Parishes that they were going to have to start thinking about evacuating and unfortunately there's just nowhere for them to go. They'd have to head to Alabama or Arkansas or even farther north. Then there's all those people that started heading back to New Orleans and they have to turn around and come right back. New Orleans can't handle more than 6" of rain because the levees were so severely compromised.

I went to Wal-Mart at 7:30 tonight and the store was already wiped out. Sunday morning I went to do our normal grocery shopping and I was pleased to see that it was almost back to normal and I go back today and it's nearly cleaned out of food. Nearly all the canned goods were gone, all the breakfast pastry type foods and granola bars were gone, chips were nearly out, deli meat all out, cheese all gone. God was shining on me though and I was able to snag a case of Diet Pepsi. Then I get to the bottled water section. There's two cases left. I had to have a moral debate with myself about whether I should buy the two cases or should I buy one and leave the other for someone else. I decided that two cases for 5 people was more than I bought them both.

I went to go see if they were restocked with fans (no) and there was a crowd of people grabbing up window unit ACs. Probably for their newly purchased generators. Jerks. Kidding! If we could afford one I'd be all over that.

I've already started freezing ice. We still haven't refilled our freezer or refrigerator since the last time so fortunately we won't lose a whole ton of food and I have a few days to cook what's in the freezer right now in case we do lose power for an extended period of time. We're losing power in the broad daylight so who knows what would happen in a storm....although we had one Saturday night and it was fine.

Oh well, I'm off to bed, I'm exhausted.


Nicole said...

{{{Hugs}}} Hopefully this one doesn't turn out too bad. Stay safe!!

mensa B said...

Oh my gosh...I send you safety, and send Good Thoughts.. I'll come back to check on you. (Just found your blog.)

WhizGidget said...

{{{{{hug}}}}} I heard on the news last night while falling asleep that Rita was most likely going to hit NO again. I hope y'all don't get hit as hard as last time.

Frankly, it would be nice if somehow something just shifted and it avoided the Gulf completely. {{{hug}}}

Jill in CA said...

(((((Autumn))))) Good grief, I can't believe you guys might get hit again. I really hope the impact is minimal and life can return to some semblance of normal for you and everyone else down there!

Stasha said...

Glad you were able to get the water. I'm hoping and praying that you get missed this time around.