Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Nothing really specific to discuss this morning.

The work situation is unbelievable. I work in the construction industry, specifically structural steel. We're booked solid for 3 months and the work is piling on by the day. So, that's good!

The traffic situation is getting a little better. They've closed off some intersections on main thoroughfares so you can't turn left or cross the road. At first people we're hollaring holy hell about this, but it really has made a difference. There are even more intersections I'd close off, but I guess people smarter than me see the wisdom in keeping them open. I'd also 4 lane some 2 lane roads, those snotty old people can just give up their nice wide boulevards for now.

There was a story on the news about a limo driver who has been going to the shelters and picking up people and taking them to run errands. I thought that was really nice. There was also a story about how 6 people were arrested because they were planning to meet young evacuees for the purpose of having sex with them. I don't know if they were FBI agents or what, but they were posing as kids in shelters who had lost their parents and when the online predator showed up they'd arrest them. I just wondered how these sickos thought these kids were getting online. As far as I know they don't have large amounts of computers in the shelters for kids to fool around on. They're for things like getting FEMA or Red Cross Money or changing your address or looking for loved ones.

Yes, I know they keep saying that Rita probably isn't going to hit Louisiana. There are too many weather predictors that are still all over the map, so I'm staying prepared until it actually hits somewhere. Katrina taught me not to take early predictions for granted.

LSU is having a home game this weekend against Tennessee. I'm not so confident they're going to win. They didn't look so hot against Arizona even if they did win and Tennessee is coming off a loss. Speaking of LSU, Tulane is also going to play at least one home game at Tiger Stadium. So, that's three football teams that'll be using Tiger Stadium. I'm glad I'm not the maintenance crew!

I suppose that's about all for now!

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Terri said...

Well LSU just has to win! We ordered the Bandit a jersey to ensure it :)