Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Update

My parents decided to get Eva her birthday present early. So Saturday morning we set out on the premise that we were taking Eva to pick out her cake. We went to a little bakery that's supposed to be the best in our area. She decided on a Bratz cake. It's a pretty cute design even though I wouldn't have rathered her pick something else.

Then we went to the bike store. Eva was so funny. She ended up picking out a periwinkle colored bike. It's so huge compared to her other bike. Then we went to Hobby Lobby and bought paper mache ornaments to decorate and I was struck with inspiration to get some christmas tree shaped paper mache boxes. We painted them when we got home and the girls can decorate them later and we'll put treats for their teachers in them. After that we hit the do it yourself pest control store and got stuff for ants. I'll just say that stuff worked really good! Then we had lunch and went home.

Sunday, I dragged everyone out to the Rennaissance Fair. That wasn't such a great idea. James hated it, he didn't like all the "weirdos" and I'll admit, there were quite a few. There were too many overly large women wearing way too few clothes. Eva didn't like all the people "looking at her". Maria had to hold on to me even though she was riding in the stroller. And the stroller was a bad idea because all the walkways were gravel and hilly and it was hard to push it. Lauren was pretty cool the whole time so maybe next year I'll just bring her without the stroller.

That's all folks!

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