Saturday, November 04, 2006

Peace and Quiet

James took the girls to his parents house today and I got some blessed quiet time. Which I spent cleaning the carpet, washing and folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and taking everything off the walls in anticipation of the living room and kitchen being painted. I'm hoping the guy will be able to do it next week. Oh man, Eva just brought me a bag of cookies that my MIL made and they ware soo good. Chocolate chip and Pecan and really buttery tasting. The pecans were most likely out of her own yard. That's what the kids always do this time of year when they go over there. Pick pecans. They always come back so dirty. Oh well, it's worth it for the pecans and it's easier for them to pick them up since they're so much closer to the ground.

And a little funny story about me. I was watching the shows I had DVRed during the week. One was The Unit. I was watching it with all the windows open and our next door neighbor's lawn mower backfired. I about had a heart attack. My heart was beating so fast. '

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