Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm Getting Nervous

I don't do so well having people at my house. It really stresses me out. All the cleaning and cooking and then the hostessing. Eva's birthday party is coming up (the 19th). I scheduled it for 2:00 pm, I figured at that time I wouldn't be required to serve an actual meal. We've done that in the past either gumbo or BBQ. But, everybody and their brother is being invited. So, now I'm stressing over what food to serve. I'm sure I can ask my MIL to make finger sandwiches. She likes to do that. And chips, veggies and dips. That's the easy stuff. But what else?? I'd rather fingery type food so that I don't have to worry about tons of forks floating around. Oh I just thought of something...cherry and jalepeno jelly poured over cream cheese and served with crackers. That would be something good and maybe a little different.

Ok, painters are coming over Wednesday....need to buy paint!

I'm just really praying it doesn't rain on the 19th. If half the people invited show up they really won't fit in the house.


Kelley said...

Autumn another version of the cream cheese idea is to do it with chilli. Spread a package of cream cheese on a microwaveable plate, top it with canned chilli (or left-over homemade stuff ) and grate cheese on top. Microwave until hot and bubby and scoop up with taco chips.

Anonymous said...

Don't be nervous! I never invite people to come visit me either. When the inlaws do come, hubby does all the cooking, they just might get poisoned if i touch a single pot (aka I'm the worst cook ever) I probably would end up bbq'ing my house too! =D

Good luck!!

Jenny said...

I really hate having people over and playing hostess too - stresses me out emensely! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have nice weather for Eva's party. :)

Kristen said...

You can make "people puppy chow". I made that for the party I went too and it was a huge hit. Its a stick of butter, bag of chocolate chips and a jar of peanut butter melted and then poured over Crispex (we used a box). Mix gently and let cool. Then toss in a bag with powdered sugar until the pieces are coated. It makes a HUGE bowl and no utensils necessary!