Saturday, November 18, 2006


I was going to post about something yesterday, but I kept getting sidetracked and now I can't even remember what it was.

Nothing much going on. Today I experimented with just taking one of the twins out running errands. It was getting way too overwhelming to take all three kids anywhere. Lauren wasn't feeling well this morning so she stayed home. It made the shopping experience so much nicer. We made it through three stores with no major meltdowns...amazing! We went to Kohl's first and fortunately we were there really early and caught some early bird specials. Then to Sam's for diapers and wipes. Then grocery shopping.

Earlier this week I was really pleased to learn that Bobby Jindal will indeed be running for governor. So it'll be a Jindal Blanco showdown again. I suspect that this time she probably won't come out on top since most of her base is living out of state and just can't bus people to the polls quite so effectively from Houston. She's also been accused of "ethnic cleansing" in New Orleans, which I found to be a riot. I'd say her base in New Orleans has completely turned on her. And her "Road Home" program isn't handing out checks like everyone thought it would. They've had that $6 Billion dollars for how long? And they've only handed out like 24 checks. I sure hope that 6 billion is in some really good interest bearing account. But she announced last night that since there's a 300 million dollar surplus in the budget she's going to hold a special session to give out raises and spend it on a bunch of crap that probably won't affect the regular people.

Tomorrow is Eva's birthday party! I think we'll actually have a decent turnout, I was starting to get a little worried. It's supposed to be cold and clear, no sign of rain!


Kristen said...

I sent a card with a little something in it for Eva. I hope she will enjoy it. Have a good time tommorrow!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eva!!! I hope all was great today :)


Jenny said...

I dread taking just Katie anywhere by myself, so I cannot imagine what that must be like times 3! Glad it went well with just one though and Maria probably felt like she got some mommy and me time. :)