Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Voting Post Mortem

I'm so severely disappointed in the people of the 2nd District of Louisiana. You gave William "I've got $90,000 stashed in my freezer" Jefferson 30% of the vote?? I'm praying that "Dollar Bill" loses in the run off. However, since the people of this state have a really annoying habit of reelecting incumbants no matter what they do, I'm sure that he'll win.

Once again I voted Libertarian for my state candidates and once again they lost decisively, but I think they're doing a lot better than anyone ever expected.

I've got my eye open for the Governor's election even though it's a long way away. If Bobby Jindal doesn't run, in one way I hope he does, in another, I hope he stays in Washington; then I've got my eye on Walter Boasso (that's BWA-so). He has a new website up, Get It Done Louisiana. He hasn't announced that he's going to run for Governor, but he's definately been doing the dance.

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bunnyhead said...

We have a similar problem in VA--- the good old boys always get elected. The state *always* goes conservative Republican. The senate election was so close this year that my vote actually meant something. :)