Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I've Been So Busy!

This weekend, I discovered lice on the girls, actually I never saw any of the gross creepy crawlies, just the nits. After all my efforts to NOT get it! So Sunday I had to treat everybody on the assumption that we all had it. And I vigorously cleaned the entire house, and washed all the linens. They've been egg and nit free for 3 days now, so maybe I conquered it for now. I did a little poking around on lice deterrents, and found that rosemary, lavender, and tea tree oil are natural deterrents. So I stopped by the health food store and picked those up and made up my little concotion. It smells pretty strong. I put a few drops in our hair last night, the girls didn't like it at all. This morning I put it on the brush as I brushed hair, and while they still didn't like it, it wasn't quite as strong.

I've been super busy at work lately, lots of new work bidding finally!

Then we had a Halloween party at Sunday School, a Halloween Party at School and then finally Trick or Treating last night. I couldn't believe how many people were out last night. Tons of kids were out. At most of the houses people were just hanging out in their driveway. There might be 3-4 different families at each house giving out candy, so the kids really racked up. It reminded me of a big block party, but it covered the whole neighborhood.

Tonight I have to go shopping for Christmas outfits so the girls can get their portraits done. My mom wants new pictures done. Plus, I have to buy paint. My parents are getting my living room/kitchen/halls repainted as my Christmas present. We really really need it. We have matte paint now on the walls and you can't scrub that, so we have crayon marks all over the place and Magic Eraser just doesn't work on matte paint. I think I'm just going to keep the color pretty much the same.

Oh and we managed the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair in there too. Lauren completely surprised me. She's normally quite shy. They had a big petting zoo type thing and she just marched right on in there and started petting all the animals.

Here's the link to the Picturetrail Album for the last few days.


Stasha said...

Oh, that sounds like it smells and feels much better than olive oil.

Anonymous said...

Listerine mothwash kills headlice, spray until the hair is soaked, leave about and hour and then comb....eeew! Works every time and you get minty hair !!

Arthemise said...

We have the same problem with matte paint. We repainted the bottom floor of the house but haven't gotten to the second floor yet.

Good luck with the lice. When I was a kid, I got it off a deer tail my dad gave me, and my mom made me cut my long hair!

Jenny said...

UGH, Alex had a bought with lice when he was about 4 and unfortunately I got it too. It was easy to get rid of on him with the short hair, but a nightmare for me. I did eventually get rid of it of course, but I remember cleaning and shampooing with the lice killer stuff for about 2 weeks before I was comfortable that it was over! I feel for you with three little girls to examine for nits!