Monday, August 01, 2005

River Ridin'

This weekend was nice. Saturday morning we went on my parent's boat again. It's definately better to start early in the morning. We were supposed to set out about 8 am, but it was really about 9. Next time I think we should plan for 7 and aim for 8. Let's see, some of the highlights this trip were seeing 2 great blue herons. I thought those were on the endangered species list, but if I saw 2 in one morning, they must not really be. Next time I'll have to bring the camera. We stopped at this one place as in a bar you can only access by boat. It was pretty interesting. There were people there drinking heavily at like 9:30 in the morning. They had good music though. And we made it to Lake Maurepas. James and Eva went swimming. I'm too much a chicken though. There were a few people fishing in the area, it wasn't hard to see why, the fish were jumping out of the water. It was funny to see all these fish jumping around.

I also went to my LNS's open house this weekend. I got Elizabeth's Designs Green Old Garden, the WDW for it, and some odd cuts of fabric. I got a door prize of a beaded scissor fob. It's probably not something I would have picked for myself, because it has a religious charm at the bottom. Not that I'm not religious, but I don't tend to have religious items on things like scissor fobs. I also got a wooden needle case and a JBW chart.

Not much else going on. I have two Round Robin rotations this week, so I've been stitching a lot to get them ready.

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